Bag of Chips Achievement

  • Bag of Chips



    Collect all ZDC Chips

    In total there are forty ZDC chips scattered around the city, 10 in each zone. The ZDC chips are not available until the side mission is given to you by Cora. These chips are located by blue side mission waypoints making this virtually impossible to miss unless you choose not to do the sidequest. When you arrive at a waypoint you will find two kings. Kill the kings, and each will drop a chip. Once you have all forty the achievement will unlock. The best time to collect these is while you are waiting for Nelson, alongside the other collectibles.

  • Im at the bit where it says investigate the gunshots and explosions, i collected all the zombrex chips from Central City first then went and did South Almuda then to Ingleton. Once i reached Sunset Hills i collected all the collectibles and there is not any showing on the map but statrs i only have 9/10 ib sunset hills can anyone help
  • its a bit glitchy try leaving the area and coming back later
  • I was going around the map collecting these and I got to Ingleton where two of the chips disappeared. I tried leaving and coming back and it didn't work
  • try restarting your story and recollecting the chips
  • To anyone having problems with any ZDC chips not appearing but do not wish to give up your levels for the offline fix, I found that any problem ones appear at the beginning and fall through the floor and disappear. For me, if I get there quick enough, I can kill it before they fall through the floor. If you miss it, just reload the last checkpoint. It kicks you back a bit, but eventually they will not fall and you can get them and it is better than the offline fix and starting the campaign over.
  • Or, to add to #5's post, simply save after collecting a set of chips. That way there's less kickback from reloading.

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