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  • Ashes to Ashes



    Burn all Biohazards

    There are forty Biohazards to burn throughout Los Perdidos, ten in each zone. These become available after Nelson asks you to wait while he works and is also the optimal time to collect them in conjunction with all other collectibles. They are marked on your map by a solid yellow circle and a green flare will indicate which pile of bodies you must burn. To burn a pile of bodies you must either shoot or melee them with a fire weapon. The DLC is filled with a new gun called the 'Slagshot' and these are perfect for this achievement.

  • Could only find 39 out of 40 for this achievement. went through each area of the map several times but it wasn't showing anywhere so carried on with the story to see if it appeared but it didn't. can anyone help??
  • #1 same here aggghhhh
  • #2 looks like there can be an unmarked pile of bodies round the back of the house in the north west of Ingleton. Credit to HamKet for his very helpful post.
  • I had an unmarked one in the middle of South Almuda. Right in the big intersection north of that warehouse where there is military vehicles and zombies.
  • This is some of the dumbest dlc i ever played. Made 4 attempts at this achievement now the bodies arent even showing up on map Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • Is this achievement glitched for anybody else? And if so, how can you reset just the dead rising dlc data?
  • @6: Yes it seems to be glitched for a lot of people. No idea how to reset dlc data though. I'm hoping they patch this, but who knows.
  • Glitched here too, 39 of 40 and no sign of the last one :(
  • @7 FUCK THIS IS SO GAY! Anyways i only have the pp trial achievement so for people that are still having trouble i would say the best thing to do is get all of the main game achievements and all other dlc achievements you can get then reset your data from the options menu, from their it will reset all your collectibles (and everything in the game) so that you collect all of these glitched collectibles again
  • I found them all first time :) 10 in each area
  • #9 similar here, on the nightmare run through then it's reset the game just to do episode 4 Ashes To Ashes, that'll be 100% and time to trade it in :)
  • Was at 39/40, figured reloading checkpoint glitched out the achievement after checking the map multiple times. Started new game and collectibles were marked, but no bodies, just flared. However, this time, house in NW Ingleton was marked (wasn't before), bodies were there with no flare, shot and got my last one (counter looks to carry over even after starting new game).
  • Deleted game from console didn't let cloud sync. I saved up to the point of the bodies to burn. I kept count of every pile to make sure The game was counting them. There was on pile in sunset hills that burned itself. It counted I should have been at 23 if burned it. I burned the next pile it went to 24 thank god. Once I hit 40 piles I went to wifi setting and turned it back on to connect to xbox live. 30 seconds later the achievement popped. got all 90, I can sell this POS no more dead rising for me ever.
  • Definitely check #3 thread link it just worked for me...
  • Got 40/40 but never unlocked. :( Last collectable achievement in the game that I needed too, not amused CapCom!
  • I am just plain stuck at 37 of 40. Off all of the bodies, oddly enough, 4 still show up and let me burn them but always say 37 of 40 each time. I found one near the safe house in almuda behind the train car restaurant(where last agent begins), the 2 in the upper right of sunset hills (one in the pool of the mansion and the other behind a van near the hardware store) and just saw one behind a fenced in area near the area that connects sunset hills to the city in the bottom right. Burned all 4, all 4 said 37 of 40 each time. i even tried quitting right away but it somehow saved anyway. And I did NOT know reloading a save brings u to the nearest garage. I only played story mode one time to get mega man x costume, i play nightmare 99% of the time. So damn annoying. Not gonna risk alll my data
  • Can't find one pile in South Almuda. They stopped coming up for me, so I have had to run around and keep double-checking ones I've done. Can't find a guide on the internet to show me where each pile is :( It's the last achievement I need bar the rest of the story and then I've maxed out the entire game. Devastating.
  • I ended up with a final count of 36 out of 40 so I did a quick sweep and there are no other collectables left on my map. I did find one 1 unmarked and in burnt pile in the North West part of SOUTH ALMUDA right before going into the road that connects to INGLETON and I found that unmarked pile in NW INGLETON that everyone is talking about. Apparently it already LOOKS BURNT before I even burned it and it does NOT have a flare marking it. That's 38/40 so I give up. No way I'm gona spend time looks for 2 more unmarked on my map.
  • Usually I don't post just read. Thank you all for the instructions on how to get this achievement. If anyone else needs help let me know.
  • The notes on this were great after I was stuck on 37 out of 40. For me it was the usual pile in NW Ingle ton behind the most nrth-westerly house that isn't even flared. Then the pile at the intersection in south almuda just north of the big warehouse and then a pile on the road from south almuda to ingle ton. But I also had an unmarked pile in the bus station in south almuda
  • I was stuck at 39 for this achievement, I also found the unmarked pile behind Dave's place in NW Ingleton.
  • The turn off method worked like a charm, just follow this, I went to 38/40 then did the sign back onto Xbox live stuff and got the last 2. Worked like a charm:

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