Kill Screen Coming Up Achievement

  • Kill Screen Coming Up



    Super Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix - Clear South Almuda

    Simply beat all five stages and the achievement will unlock. If you are struggling to complete it you should try to play with 2-4 people instead of solo.

    Difficulty 4/4
    Stage 1
    -Destroy the 8 Military Supplies 

    Stage 2
    -Retrieve the 6 Vehicles

    Stage 3
    -Escape the Bridge

    Stage 4
    -Destroy 7 Bombs

    Stage 5
    -Defeat the Bikers
    -Defeat the Super Zombie
    -Defeat the Two Super Zombies
    -Defeat the Shadow Boss
    -Defeat the Three Shadow Bosses
    -Defeat Dictator

  • Need help with these achievements! GT: TonedTyphoon
  • Hello all! I'm looking for peoples to do all the co-op achievements. I try to regroup 8 people, want to join ? Or maybe do you have a 8 people group? Please Add me or Message me.: Top 0f the Tree (in the 0f there is a Zero not "o")

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