District Wizard Achievement

  • District Wizard



    Super Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix - Get an 'S' rank on all districts

    Depending on the amount of points you have at the end of a district, you will get a rank from D to S (S being the best). As long as you kill lots of zombies and complete the rounds somewhat quickly, you should be able to get an S ranking. Using characters like B.B. Hood or Ryu help with the rankings tremendously as their Supers can one hit kill items you have to destroy (bombs, garage doors, etc).

    The point totals that will award an S ranking vary depending on how many players you have. The following are approximations for playing solo.

    • Ingleton - 750,000
    • Central City - 1.1 Million
    • Sunset Hills - 1 Million
    • South Almuda - 2.2 Million

    S ranking is not difficult to accomplish by any means, but it might still take some players multiple tries to accomplish.

  • i got an S rank solo on central city at 949K.
  • also got S rank on ingleton at 719K.
  • Need help with these achievements! GT: TonedTyphoon

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