Frank's Wardrobe Achievement

  • Frank's Wardrobe



    Super Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix - Unlock all of Frank's costumes

    Here is the breakdown for Frank’s four costumes.

    Frank West

    • Default

    Servbot Frank

    • 10,000 Zenny


    • 17,500 Zenny
    • Find Final Fight Arcade Machine.
    • Earn ‘C’ Rank on South Almuda.
    • Kill 1,500 Zombies with Frank Costumes.

    B.B. Hood

    • 15,000 Zenny
    • Kill 5,000 Zombies.
    • Find Darkstalkers Arcade Machine.
    • Unlock Servbot.


    • 17,500 Zenny
    • Find two Arcade Machines.
    • Clear three Districts with Frank Costumes.
    • Earn ‘S’ Rank on South Almuda.
  • Bought all the costumes but didn't unlock. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I bought servbot frank in single player though :(

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