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    Super Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix - Use every type of powerup

    There are 13 power ups in total. Twelve of these can be found in all parts of the game. They are as follows.

    Traffic Light
    Rocket Launcher

    Golden Shield
    Power (Red Item)
    Super (Blue Container with an S)
    Hashishi (Looks like an Umbrella)

    Grey Vehicle
    Gold Vehicle
    Air Strike
    Option A (Drones that fly around you)

    The final item is the Gold Hashishi. There are two locations it can be found. Round 5 of Ingleton inside the Wrench-O-Rama or on Round four of Central City on top of some scaffoldings in the hotel.

  • I've used every power up that I've seen and I don't. Have this what am I missing? rocket launcher chain gun pow airstrike elemental traffic light armor and the laser deal that flies around you
  • I'm just as confused as you. Haven't been able to find anything else, must be a glitch.
  • I thought I was glitched too, bit you're probably missing the golden hashishi. The easiest one I found was in central city fourth area where you have to return the vehicles. Go to the one that's located on the top of the hotel but when you enter the ground floor before making your way up the stairs there is a room with all this scaffoldings and you have to climb them and on the last one should be your final power up. You should see it if you move the camera around. Hope this helps.
  • @3 Thanks for the tip. It was the last one I needed!
  • Hey Guys, Here's an easy to follow guide with commentary. I show you all 13 Powerups. http://youtu.be/kELVIr94afA
  • ^^^ Sorry wrong link, here's the right one: http://youtu.be/89xAZd8oxbE
  • So I was at 92% and I know I never used the minigun or electric staff.... I then used both and my achievement is still at 92%.... what the hell?
  • I found that i was missing the Golden Hashishi, got in on the final stage of Islington? when your racing to the giant zombie, stop at the garge you smashed the doors open on earlier and pop upstairs! done! :D list of Powerups are as follows : Weapons : Rocket Launcher Machine Gun Trafic Lights Support items : Air Strike Option-A (the item that spins around you and shoot blue energy balls) Gold Vehicules Grey Vehicules Powerup : Food Shield Pow (the red item that boosts your damage and speed) Super (the blue can with an S) Tofu (the blue can with a T. It's a fake powerup but it do count in the total) Hashishi Golden Hashishi

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