Small Town, Deep Pockets Achievement

  • Small Town, Deep Pockets



    Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop.

    Inflation is very high in this game, so everything costs a lot of money. Once you have rescued Gemini go ahead and do her sidequest (after you save her, leave safehouse and you'll hear her crying). The item she wants you to find is on the right side of the road leading to the Quarantine Camp. You will have $30,000 given to you total for saving and helping her. Now make a seperate save file, or save without the intention of saving over your playthrough. You will want to get around $70,000 from the casino. Buy a moose head ($500) at the pawnshop and go to the casino. Everything takes one hit to destroy with the moose head. You should make around $7000. Now, if you hold you will start running at about twice the speed knocking over anything in front of you. Head to the safehouse and go through the door. The casino slot machines are now restored. Just go back and forth gaining money until you have enough. To check how much money you have spent, hit and go to status.


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