Get On My Level Achievement

  • Get On My Level



    Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

    There are 4 difficulty modes to choose from.

    • Casual
    • Normal
    • Hard
    • Impossible

    You can play on any difficulty to get this. There are no "difficulty" related achievements. There are, however, "Mode" related achievements. You will have to play Hardcore Mode, Classic Mode, and Pure Survival Mode. See the related achievements for more descriptions on how to complete them. These different modes are set to the Hard difficulty setting automatically.

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  • I'll do it. Bring it. B-R-I-N-G - I-T - O-N.
  • someones keen ;p
  • peng is on the list as a non secret achievement :)
  • # There's Always Peng! LOL
  • GOML!
  • only 10G...damn guess hardcore is the way to go.
  • Anyone know how to activate the my check list on this site so i can keep track of my achievements? And does anyone else find this site a pain in the butt to navigate? They should really make it easier to navigate and use then more people may keep using it!!
  • Blairlio - google it!

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