Epic Tier 4 Engineer Achievement

  • Epic Tier 4 Engineer



    Complete the game in Classic Mode.

    You must first complete the game on any difficulty to unlock this mode. The mode is set to hard difficulty. You cannot have a co-op partner with you during this mode. Your aiming will be set to what it was like in Dead Space 1. You cannot craft weapons like before, you will be forced to only go off of blueprints.

  • Wonder what this is. I'm assuming it's referring to something in Dead Space 1 but can't think of what it is. Maybe it's on par with impossible mode?
  • I just thought of something. Maybe classic refers to having you play the whole game in the starting rig only and only a plasma cutter with no upgrades available for the gun or the suit through the whole campaign.
  • I'm assuming Classic Mode refers to the use of only the Plasma Cutter. That, or some nostalgic excuse to make another hard-as-fuck campaign mode. Nonetheless, as long as I have a partner to share the misery with, I'm all up for it.
  • I think you guys are overthinking it, it's probably just a difficulty setting. I'd be impressed if they had that many different campaign modes.
  • This could simply be "solo". Either way, cannot wait for this game.
  • Could be a difficulty setting but think of this: Beat the game using only the original weapons from the first two installments with that strategy of certain ammo management, something like that. If so, all I'll need is the trusty Plasma Cutter.
  • I'm thinking this installment is gonna be a little more difficult to 100% on... Stoked to finally be able to play this game!
  • For those wanting to know i have heard that classic mode is only the original DS1 weapons and aiming modes(possibly means alt fire modes)
  • *Edit Classic mode is Classic aiming, classic weapons only, no co-op, and hard difficulty.
  • My guess is that the difficulty in this mode scales to something near that of "impossible" mode in DS1, + Classic aiming, weapons, and no co-op, as stated above
  • @9 - Where is the source for this information? I've looked all over. I'm wondering what the big deal is about classic aiming. That's not a mode, it's an option. You can enable it anytime in the options menu. Classic weapon I would assume is just the plasma cutter.
  • @11 I saw it on Steve Papoutsis twitter, Im hoping classic WEAPONS (plural) means the standard weapons from DS1 ie plasma cutter, pulse rifle, ripper, force gun, line gun, contact beam and flamethrower with no attachments and original ALT fire modes.
  • I know some people already posted some of this but there's an interview link below if anyone wants to read it. in in classic mode, this interview said, you can only build/upgrade weapons that were in the first dead space. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2013/01/22/interview-with-dead-space-3-senior-producer-david-woldman/2/ He also said this in that same interview so im not sure which one is right or what he meant "Classic mode, for example, is classic Dead Space 1. So one gun, solo campaign, plasma cutter, just in-world aiming, we changed our aiming system in Dead Space 2. So sort of a traditional mode" I know the classic or in world aiming is when the lasers from the guns are actually changed and effected by the environment. Its not just the lasers turning into an imag
  • CONT. . . .. imaginary point in the middle of the screen and they dont shine on the environments. I personally dont know why anyone would have purposely changed it to center mode in DS2. Its way cooler in classic after playing the other way.
  • @10 what do you mean "classic aiming"???
  • XDDD can't wait! Fucking right on!
  • Am I the only person that switched to "Classic" aiming for both Dead Space 2 and 3 in the first place? I like it better. O.o
  • you get the foam finger for completing this mode so that will make the other modes easier and i always use classic aiming
  • well that was pretty fun, now i can have all the fun i want in the game gotta get hardcore aswell :)
  • long credits after finishing a 9 hour playthrough on classic yay
  • I beat classic, and nothing unlocked. Um am I missing something?
  • Wait, so some people choose not to use classic aiming anyway? That was the first option I changed when I loaded up the game. Classic aiming is much better imo.
  • Does classic mode also make you have different ammo for different guns? (I suspect it doesn't...)
  • @26 It is still universal ammo About halfway through Classic mode. Pretty easy. Using the Evangelizer dlc weapon and the forcegun from the blueprint.
  • @27 I believe Evangelizer weapon is from limited edition code, not from DLC. And yes it is a very handy weapon for classic mode.
  • In classic you don't have co-op, dead space 1 weapons need to be crafted on blueprints, classic aiming, difficulty is hard and that about it.
  • @24 I use javelin gun with electrification on it and it PWNS.
  • Do any of you even lift??
  • 31 wowwowowowowowowowowow
  • Easy acheivement. Just got it.
  • Bring it on, looking for a coop partner to do this with, keep in mind i hav no mic but am willing to do the entire campaign from start to finish in one go, message me online Gamertag - Gothmule
  • @34 classic mode is solo only which is not a bad thing if the plasma and other weapons from the first two games weren't so underpowered; for example I was shooting a dark necromorph with a plasma cutter with +2 damage circuits but it kept running towards until it eventually hit me. IMO this was a lil bit harder than hardcore mode base on the underpowered weapons but it's still doable if u don't mind starting from checkpoint like 2-3 times through the whole game.
  • I don't think this mode is all that hard(if you already know how to aim lol), only died a couple of times running out of ammo when I only had the Plasma Cutter(really underpowered even with upgrades) for the first 10 chapters or so. Just use a lot of stasis if you have it and once you get enough resources to craft the Pulse Rifle with Grenade Launcher you're golden. Still didn't feel like "classic" Dead Space to me though...
  • reeeadddddyyyyy this sounds like a fun second playthrough
  • Having the Evangelizer weapon from limited edition makes this so easy :P , aw u can get it also as DLC now too :) .
  • DLC : Witness the Truth Pack - Witness Suit and Evangelizer This pack was included with the Limited Edition, but can also be purchased separately.
  • im currently gunning for this achievement and i would like to know what weapons you used for this i have the evangelizer and a plasma cutter
  • I miss dead space 2
  • So...the aiming changed? I really can hardly tell. Sometimes when repelling or ducking the aiming lasers seem to be angled weird, but mostly it seems the same. Maybe this would've been more 'classicy' if they ran upgrades with nodes, or used separate ammo types (as another commentor suggested). To 24: Yeah I noticed a problem there as well. The mines suck, but shooting it like a grenade launcher isn't bad, although at that point you might as well use the pulse rifle. Also, share complaint about collectibles.

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