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  • Survivalist



    Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.

    You must first complete the game on any difficulty to unlock this mode. The mode is set to hard difficulty. Pure Survival Mode makes you create all of your own resources. You cannot just buy a med kit anymore, you must craft one from resources found in the environment. Enemies will not drop ammo. You also must craft them yourself.

  • im guessing health and ammo will be scarce in this mode
  • yeah hopefully,, sounds good
  • I'm thinking scarce ammo, health, none to little saving and if you die it's a complete restart.
  • @3 that would be a mental achievement to have
  • Challenge accepted
  • Harded than HardCore? I'm in.
  • @3 You described DS2 hardcore mode.
  • @3 I WISH, Please they don't make it another Max Payne 3, New York Minute Hardcore It was one insane achievement, Not because of difficulty but because of tons of glitches, bugs, missed QTEs and the amount of time required and not to forget unskippable cutscenes (Which probably won't be an issue here) But no matter how much hard it is there should be at least 1 save and 3 is far more better then that.
  • I feel bad for giving up on the last hardcore achievement on DS2.. kinda lost my drive to do it.. maybe if I can knock this one out I'll go back to it.
  • i almost busted everything home theater in my living room 2 years ago doing Hardcore in DS2. This doesnt sound good. Time to go buy some plexi-glass to mount in front of the TV. Those controllers got some weight behind them!
  • I would think this wouldn't be as bad as hardcore considering the achievement is worth less, but there was Max Payne 3's hardcore which was worth barely anything, so who knows. I'm thinking considerably less ammo, medkits and money, and maybe even no hud whatsoever. No ammo counter or visual health bar on your back. But since hardcore is the mode with limited saves, you should be able to save as much as you want in this one.
  • It could mean beating the whole game without dying? along with other limitations?
  • The funny thing is it doesn't say it can't be done in coop, which will make it a hell of a lot easier, and is one of the reasons why I am not getting Dead Space 3, that and day 1 dlc (EA and Bioware I'm looking at you) which is the reason I refuse to purchase Mass Effect 3. Rant over/
  • I would prob say save a quick and easy playthrough for later to pick up the easier achievements and bag HARDCORE and PURE SURVIVAL right away! haha!
  • I'm thinking that Pure Survival is the fact that you don't get med packs and that you have to make yourself.
  • 13, you're not gonna get DS3 because of the optional co-op, or because an achievement is easier in co-op?
  • Pure survival can mean that you can't craft own medpacks, it's solo only, and very reminiscent of DS1's Impossible?
  • Maybe this achievement just requires you to beat Bear Grylls to the finish line. Maybe...
  • whatever...they can put it as hard as they want i will get this achievement no matter what...
  • I have heard that Pure Survival mode= Crafting all of you items.
  • #20 Yes it is crafting all of your items. A lot of people guessed it. You'll have to scavenge everything you need and craft all your health packs, ammo, etc... at the benches and no drops. referenced in
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  • this achievement was kind of annoying
  • this will be easy as it can be done in co-op
  • Completed it co-op. Nice change of pace having to craft everything yourself.
  • @25 when you did it on co-op did you have player one start it off and have player two join as a new game +? Like with all the stashed items and awesomeness from previous play throughs?
  • Just here to confirm that you will need to complete all chapters in this mode to get Survivalist. Just had someone join me for Chapter 19 and they did NOT get this once the credits hit, only a tick to confirm that they had completed chapter 19.
  • @27 Good to know that I haven't been wasting my time playing through the entire game on pure survival. Thanks for that input!
  • looking for co-op partner to start this and get it in one playthrough or more :) just finished the game! GT: DarkShadow ohh just text me and we can do it :) better to have mic to communicate :)
  • Going through this quicker than a virgin on prom night. Thank God for the Devil Horns. And if you didn't know that you could use the Devil Horns on this mode check out the video on Youtube.
  • If anyone wants this on Co-Op please add me. GT : CommanderMayhem
  • Add me GT: Trueshot Rebel
  • Doing this on co op add me DizzyDon420
  • add me gt is jdare92
  • @30 devil horns are not showing up in my safe in this mode. Where are they? And yes I unlocked them by beating classic mode already.....
  • The only tips I can give so far on this mode is make sure ammo and health packs come first. Don't do any upgrades unless u have plent of resources to spare!
  • OKAY i got to chapter 17 on pure survival by myself and my friend joined and we beat the rest together no achievement can i go back to chapter 17 and complete it by myself then will the achievement pop? ( it says i have beat the game when i check on progression all levels have pure survival ticked off) Also i think my Xbox went a little crazy it unlock retro mode and i'm only 15% into hardcore :S
  • Hey guys, I need to get DS3 pure survival, hardcore, classic, and pure survival in Awakened for my last 4 achievements. If anyone wants to help me get one/all of them, let me know, and I'd be glad to do the same for you!(: Oh and in Awakened, the only part I can't beat alone is the part with the cult leader at the end... :/ if someone wouldn't mind helping with that, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys, GT: AnarchoPunk24 Just shoot me a message! (Have a mic!)
  • #35. The Devil Horns are not to be used in Survival or Hardcore mode. The patch which came out a day after the game was released stopped this, however if u wish to take the shortcut clear your system cache of all updates on the game and online pass and any dlc then load up your Survival save and there they will the safe.. As you do not accept the update you cannot play online and to be honest.. This defeats the point of enjoying the game, your cheating and will be so boring if nothing else. Shame there's the glitch because the success rate of hardcore on DS2 I think is still only 6/7%.
  • #38 it would probably be best to do Hardcore solo, then you do not run the risk of your partner dying and taking you with them. Survival is an odd one but 2 players would make the game a little easier and allows double the resource drops (2 players, same number of necromorphs)..
  • Just finished the campaign. Can I play Pure survival on new game+? I have so many resources that it would probably be a breeze.
  • Don't get me wrong, I really love the Dead Space series. But this game demands too many play throughs.

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