The Professor Achievement

  • The Professor



    Collect all Artifacts.


    There are a total of 41 artifacts you must collect in order to gain this achievement. There are different types of artifacts. They include Alien, Unitology, EarthGov, and S.C.A.F. You will want to follow a guide to get them all. You can check the stats in your progress and unlocks screen from the pause menu.

    Click HERE for a guide containing all collectibles and side mission details.

  • I'll take that marker with me aswell, thankyou!
  • Gosh more fetch quest. Why don't the developers just ask me to pick up their dry cleaning. Boom 25GS.
  • We have the location for the first artifact posted, and we'll have all the collectibles locations posted by level on our channel very soon. If anyone needs it, here it is.
  • There's another decent site for collectibles. It goes through artifacts, weapon parts, circuits, audio and text logs. Everything.
  • Love this game and it's achievements
  • if anyone wanna do co ops missions for achievements add me my GT is xxCrazyBirdiexx
  • i will no longer help with co op, i already got too much ppl asking.
  • This can all be done on solo, I still need the co-op missions tho, hmu if you want to do them together - All CAPS - LH I T LM A LN
  • Do i have to complete the game fully in co-op to gather all the artifacts. i just completed the game solo. or can i just go into co-op and go get just the ones i didnt grab in the co-op missions and boom cheve
  • Thanks for the guide ^_^
  • thanks for the guide!
  • Looking to do co-op missions and get co-op collectibles. GT is DaveNotRodney
  • looking to do co op collectables chapters 4,11 and 14 GT uratitmouse
  • Idk how many people are still hunting this game but im looking to do the collectibles with a co op partner(artifacts,circuits,weapon parts, etc) and i want to try out john carver because i havent seen his story yet.Let me know ASAP.on often.GT:Nemesis T 03
  • hey everyone ! I need a partner to: -Collect the remainings collectibles on the Coo-op mission -Do the coo-op missions -Finally all the others miscellaneous coo-op I have all achievements on the first one and the second one, so it shouldn't be a problem! I'm good at this game m/ GT: xBicmacx Hit me up !
  • If anyone is still looking, i need to get all co-op stuff. GT- Flying Abstract
  • All I get when I play this game are amateurs. I'm just achievements hunting and sick of carrying children till their inevitable demise. If you wanna create death and carnage andlearn something... WED Nosce.
  • Don't bother, 25 g!!!! Fuck off

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