There's Always Peng! Achievement

  • There's Always Peng!



    Find Peng.

    You must accept an optional request and go to the Reaper Barracks. There is a giant pump with spikes. It's the first one you get to. Slow it down and move through it. When you get out, turn around and slow it again so you can look behind it where Peng is. Use kinesis to grab it.


  • The classic Peng! cheevo returns! Wonder if this will be as easy as Dead Space 2's?
  • I would definitely Peng her a third time.
  • Lol @#2. Wow, 50G for the third Peng. This sounds intruguing.
  • @3 that's what I was thinking... maybe she's hidden well this time... or only shows up under certain circumstances such as completing all optional quests... or maybe it's THE peng this time... goddamn feb 5th needs to be here...
  • i hope this involves finding PENG himself instead of a trophy.
  • Peng! Peng! Peng! Looking forward this one.
  • Kinda wish the achievement pic was red or pink, not green.
  • The Mighty Peng :)
  • Still haven't found her will update if i do
  • ^ Ok... Chapter 14, in an optional mission to repair the barracks. It's behind the crusher-head of pump no.2, stasis & kinesis = Profit
  • Hey guys here is the best video i found to find Peng.
  • Well crap. I figured it would have something to do with all the unused codes given to you in the Chapter 17 optional mission. Is there another secret in there that I missed? Because to my knowledge, you're given those 3 passwords (one of which is used to activate the machine in Chapter 18) as well as the "artifact manifest" which sits in your "Key Items" inventory for the rest of the game. What didn't I see?
  • Chapter 14 Optional Mission: Reaper Barracks
  • Its really hidden well, if I didnt know it was there I would ve missed for sure. Even though I check every corner.
  • seems pretty easy, but i wouldnt of found it without a little help lol
  • Not sure if it's only me, but in co-op only the first person to pick it up grabs the achievement. My friend dropped Peng after he got the achievement and I picked it up and it only vanished leaving me achievementless.
  • For those looking for exact details check out where I walk you through finding Peng.
  • Watch out - Peng can glitch and be stuck for good. Me and my friend tried this for a long time, trying to grab it from all different angles but the damn thing wouldn't even move.
  • You used to be able to sell the Peng trophy for a lot of credits. Now it's basically useless after the achievement...
  • @19 Yeah, it took me a good four minutes before I finally got it.
  • I've only just found out this evening - if you're playing in co-op, only the host can Kenesis the trophy, so you HAVE to play it in single player to get the cheevie
  • hello ^_^ how r u every 1 ... mssg me maybe we can help each other ... my gamer tag thecodebs .... see u soon ..
  • In the right place you can be earlier but there is no Peng (like in the first DS).
  • If you're having getting kinesis to grab the thing, after you stasis the moving spiked piston keep walking to right to get right up against its supporting beams, and keep trying the kinesis. That's what ended up working for me.

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