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  • My Buddy



    Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench.

    You will obtain the Scavenger Bot in Chapter 5. There will be a quick tutorial on how to use them. Basically you equip it like a weapon (it fills the top slot). There is a scanner. Whenever you get to an area where there are full circles around the middle, you'll know it's a great place to drop the bot to gather resources. You cannot pick up the bot after putting it down. To put it down, aim and fire as if you had a gun. After a certain time limit, it will appear at any work bench you go to. Once you reach a bench, open it to retrieve the resources.

  • Where EXACTLY do I need to deploy this robots??? because I deploy them everywhere and my stats always says 0/15!!!
  • To #2 : When you hear some high beeps while in game, select your bot and follow it's radar , when radar logo changes to circles - you're in the right place.Just launch it and wait for it to collect your items at bench
  • Specifically, you press up on the direction pad to see if you have any bots and to select one. Then, hold down the left trigger to use the radar for it. Keep holding it and pull the right trigger to launch it. You do NOT have to wait to hear beeps to launch it. It still collects resources when I launch it whenever I feel like it. Somehow, I rarely hear the beeps.
  • My buddy can be done anywhere

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