Metal Detector Achievement

  • Metal Detector



    Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.

    As seen above, you can have Scavenger Bots go looking for resources for you. Send them to 15 areas to do this for the achievement. Find the areas where it's best to put them. To do this, press and you will have a radar. Follow it and you will get to where the circles are all around the middle (instead of pointing you in a direction). Hold and press to deploy the bot. Your stats increase when the bot is put down on the ground. You cannot continue to deploy the bot in the same area to get the achievement, they must be unique. You must wait 10 minutes for the bot to show up at a workbench so that you can use it again. If you hear a beeping sound as you walk around, it is the game hinting a good area is nearby.


  • what does 'successfully' mean, i deploy them at various locations and i still only have 3/15; any help/suggestions would be great
  • If you equip the scavenger bot an aim, it will show you where the nearest resource area is, just deploy the bot when you see the circle instead of the directional arcs. There is also a pulsing noise that you hear when an area is nearby.
  • THe way to get this achievement is to equip the scavenger bot and then pull the left trigger, this will bring up a screen with arrows on both the left and right side. The trick is to get to an area where the arrows are both indicating towards the centre of the screen, then to walk around that area until the arrows are replaced with a large green circle. Once you see this green circle, place the bot and once it reaches the next bench you will have successfully deployed the bot once. Repeat a further 14 times and the achievement is yours.
  • I'd also add to my above entry that it appears that the 15 deployments have to be done in a single run-through (though it may carry over to New Game+), as I have 2/15 on one game and 11/15 on another.
  • Easy enough to get video for help though
  • This video explains using the bots to get this achievement easily
  • As I have found with a hec of a lot more of achievements, they seem to be bugged and or glitches. If you want the game record badly then just keep trying for your it otherwise give but there you go

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