RIG Master Achievement

  • RIG Master



    Fully upgrade your RIG.

    The RIG is the suit that you wear. There are 3 main things you can upgrade, with a total of 8 categories. You can upgrade your RIG once you find the upgrade stations in the game.

    1. RIG: Hit Points, Air, and Armor
    2. Stasis: Energy, Durability, and Recharge
    3. Kinesis: Damage and Range

    Each type actually requires different types of resources. To fully upgrade the RIG, you will need the following types. Some will be harder to find than others. You can break down/sell things at the bench to earn resources if you are in need. You can use scavenger bots as well as finding them around the environment and by killing enemies.

    • Scrap Metal:
    • Somatic Gel
    • Transducer
    • Tungsten
    • Semiconductor

    The game shows you exactly how much you need for each upgrade and how much you actually have. Amounts may depend on difficulty.

  • anyone find out yet how to do this...theres no option in the bench
  • nevermind..its not until chapter 4...just have to be patient i guess :p
  • Hardest resource will probably be transoucers from my experience. Breaking apart Statis packs will help you take the edge off, especially if your not getting the resource much.
  • ^ Thanks for the tip I dont even use Stasis Packs anyway and I find them EVERYWHERE
  • Also likewise if you havent noticed already (which you probably have) Breaking down Med Packs nets you Somatic Gel which is very useful for upgrading your Health Small Medpacks are extremely common from my experience and I started on Impossible (Im sure they are larger medpacks on lower difficulties)
  • It says I've upgraded but no achievment. :/. Guess i don't need status and kensis as the icon is the same as the rig icon
  • For the achievement you have to upgrade stasis and kinesis as well
  • You need to upgrade all 3 on the rig, and is easily done on first play through I found...

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