Master Plan Achievement

  • Master Plan



    Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.

    You will need to create a Blueprint at the Workbench. While crafting/upgrading a gun, you have the option of pressing to create a Blueprint. This will automatically put them in the Blueprints section of the menu within the Workbench. This may actually go along with the "Full House" achievement if you were heavy on your upgrades. This can be more trial and error since you can't actually see how much the Blueprint is worth in total resources until you craft it. Just make as much upgrades as possible and create the Blueprint. Go to see how many resources it took, then reload the game and either try again, or wait until you can create more expensive parts.

    Note: If you have the limited edition or obtained certain pre-order bonuses, the weapons given as a bonus may be worth well over 2000 and you can easily make a blueprint out of it to gain the achievement very early on in the game.

  • will find the print inside the ass of this necromorph
  • If you have the Limited Edition guns Evangelizer and Negotiator just make a copy of the blueprint for this and ding achievement unlocked.
  • true dat #2 :)
  • For those that didn't get a limited edition pack, here is a video showing you how to play with the guns and get the achievement!
  • Easy to get Heres a video!
  • Not working for me, i build a gun from scratch and needs 2000+ resources. but no achievement when i make a blueprint, am i doing something wrong?
  • I'm having the same problem. Created a blueprint that costs way more then 2000 and it didn't give me the achievement. Anyone have any ideas?
  • I am having the same problem.I have two blueprints worth over 2000 parts each and the achievement will not unlock. I have also tried constructing new weapon blueprints wroth more than 2000 in parts and followed the videos posted above and nothing has worked. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • This doesn't work in the weapons crafting area
  • Ty Deadeye, this was driving me crazy
  • make sure that after you've created the blueprint you press "Y" to create that blueprint!!!!!!

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