From the Jaws Achievement

  • From the Jaws



    Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the attacker.


    While playing in Co-Op, sometimes enemies will grab a hold of you or your partner. You must kill the enemy before the playing being attacked dies or does the button prompts. Shoot the enemy and when it dies, you will get the achievement. There are many enemy types that do an execution.

  • As crowns
  • if anyone wanna do co ops missions for achievements add me my GT is xxCrazyBirdiexx
  • i will no longer help with co op, i got too much ppl asking as it is.
  • looking for co-op partner...message me @ "Crabby0525"
  • looking for co-op partner, but cant play until friday night the 22nd
  • looking for a co op partner, gt SadisticReap
  • Really struggling to get this achievement if anyone can help my gamertags russyg23 i'm willing to help you with any co op achievement you need also :)
  • add me also , i'm missing this one and like 3 more i'm more than willing to help in any other ones as well, add me gamertag: plasmatic tundra
  • I got this on the co-op mission in chapter 11. It was the creepy skinny things which attack in large groups. One of them jumped on my partners back and I killed it with one shot from the Evangeliser with Acid attachment. Hope this is helps!
  • I am almost done with solo campaign. Looking for coop partner to do coop achievements. I usually play on weekends. GT: Aku 8. Thanks.
  • I am looking for a co-op partner for the co-op chievoes and the rest of the collectibles found in the co-op missions.. send me an FR and a message if interested.. GT: KonfirmandfingR
  • Anyone looking to boost all coop message me xxiisargeiixx
  • Looking to do all co-op achievments. Off work all this week. GT 00 Dr Zyklon 00 Those are zeros, not o's
  • Ooooops. They are ohs and not zeros. I'm an idiot. O'doyal rules!
  • Looking for a cooop partner GT:PPKLeoHRatedR
  • Looking for a co-op partner for this, gamer tag on here, message me why you are adding me though as I don't usually accept ransoms...
  • Looking to do this one, Medic and maybe the Ghosts from the Past one. Will return favour. GT: Stone Echo
  • Anybody looking to get the co-op achievements and the collectables? I need a partner. Message me.
  • If someone needs help I'm always willing to play this game any time. GT: Sleazyroller
  • hey everyone ! I need a partner to: -Collect the remainings collectibles on the Coo-op mission -Do the coo-op missions -Finally all the others miscellaneous coo-op I have all achievements on the first one and the second one, so it shouldn't be a problem! I'm good at this game m/ GT: xBicmacx Hit me up !
  • Looking to do any and all coop achievements. GT is Outlander212
  • Just Got Dead Space 3, Looking To Get The Co-op Achievements. If Your Interested My Gt Is xXLilxMafiaXx
  • You will more than likely get this without trying.
  • Need to complete the campaign. Willing to do any and all of the co-op achievements. Gamertag - jonnyyy x
  • looking for a co-op partner! gt: Lord Drexnaw
  • lookin for coop achievements gt zookler
  • Someone still looking for a partner in coop?
  • #27 sent ya DM

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