Architect Achievement

  • Architect



    Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.


    You must be in a Co-Op game in order to obtain this achievement. Go to a Workbench and to the Blueprints menu. Scroll down to your custom Blueprints (you must have created one first in Weapon Crafting). Highlight one and press to share it. Only custom Blueprints you have created will work. Anything from DLC, promotions, blueprints, or in-game rewards will not allow you to share. You do not waste resources or lose anything by sharing the Blueprints with another person in your game.

  • *Insert random GT here*
  • I have a question do anyboby know if you can share preoder blueprint?
  • Does anyone know how to do this? I'm currently playing a co-op game with my friend, as we have completed the entire game together we both have exactly the same blueprints that the game gives us and so when we attempt to share them it says that the other person already has the blueprint, but when we create our own blueprints it says we are not allowed to share them! Any clues?
  • if anyone wanna do co ops missions for achievements add me my GT is xxCrazyBirdiexx
  • Looking to get this and other co-op achievements. If you are interested give me a friend request or just message me. Gamertag- Your the Dingus.
  • i will no longer help with co op, i got too much ppl asking as it is.
  • I have the same problem a lot of people seem to be having. I played through with a friend and we can't share the blueprints we found since it gives it to both of you. We made custom blueprints and we're unable to share those. I think you can only get this achievement by sharing an in game blueprint with someone that hasn't found them all yet.
  • Beat the game twice, need help getting some small stuff like this. Add AaronPower, include DS3 in a message plz.
  • I am almost done with solo campaign. Looking for coop partner to do coop achievements. I usually play on weekends. GT: Aku 8. Thanks.
  • still looking to get this done along with other online achievements.I am willing to help with other achievements as well for this or other games. Add/ message me and lets get this done! Gamertag: OmegaWeaponVIII
  • hey everyone ! I need a partner to: -Collect the remainings collectibles on the Coo-op mission -Do the coo-op missions -Finally all the others miscellaneous coo-op I have all achievements on the first one and the second one, so it shouldn't be a problem! I'm good at this game m/ GT: xBicmacx Hit me up !
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  • If anyone is still up for it or needs help with other achievements hit me up GT: Aziel666
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  • Looking to play some online with people on Sept. 11 and 12th. Add me if you are interested. Tag: Y2Kasper10 On vacation until the 10th, so won't be able to play until then!
  • It's been a while, but ... If someone is reading this and needs help with this achievement or any other co-op achievement, call me. Gamertag is Weslunatic I have all the achievements of this game and would be happy to help.

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