Payback Achievement

  • Payback



    Kill a Soldier by TK'ing a grenade or rocket back at them.

    When a human soldier throws a grenade or shoots a rocket at you, you will have to use telekinesis on the explosive and throw it back to kill them. Telekinesis (TK) is the Kinesis power on your RIG. To use the power, hold , press to grab an object, and then face the solider and press to throw it back at the enemy. This achievement can be gained in Chapter 10 and beyond when facing soldiers. The video below is a great spot to gain it. This is right after getting off an elevator, the enemies will automatically throw a grenade at you.


  • Here is the easiest place to get this achievement
  • you can get this achievement easy any where really
  • Bit of help for those struggling to get this cheevo.
  • #3, your videos really need to include the chapters in them, or some indication of where you are. Just showing the achievement pop up isn't very helpful.
  • Start of Chapter 10 btw, is the best spot for this for anyone else looking.
  • Go to chapter 10 real easy to get or watch the video :)
  • I think its amazing that people actually need a video for this lol, i mean it pretty much explains itself, its not hard to tell when a rocket or grenade is lobbed at you! I done it to all the little bastards that thought it would be a good idea to fire rockets at me lol

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