And Then We Doubled It! Achievement

  • And Then We Doubled It!



    Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.

    Shoot off the limbs of enemies. A lot of what Dead Space is all about is taking out the enemies limb by limb until they die. Starting with the legs to slow them down (if they have them). You will play casually getting these. There are a few good places to grind these, but it is not needed. This stat tracks over all saves, therefore you will likely get this sometime in your second playthrough.

  • lol gonna be fun
  • This is going to take forever. It was bad enough just doing it on living and dead enemies.
  • They knew we had too much fun stomping on dead civilians. :/
  • yeah but after a normal play through and then classic,, surivalist n hardcore modes aswell,, it shouldnt be too bad.
  • it was so easy in 2 cause we could stomp on dead...oh well still shouldnt take more then 2 or 2 and a half playthroughs
  • Always a fan of these achievements.
  • I really love that they added the stipulation that they have to be ALIVE, now. It adds more of a challenge and encourages more limb dismemberment.
  • I'm still going to stomp the bodies.
  • 1000 limbs? come on give us sometbing hard like 100,000 limbs.
  • @8 Yep. Me too.
  • #9 I wanna try 100,000 limbs because it so much fun to play gun with shooting out legs and arms. :D
  • 100.000? You are crazy! 1000 are more than enough !!!
  • This should only take 2 playthroughs. I got my 500 limbs achievement well before the end of my first playthrough.
  • But surely if you shoot a human and then stomp on his body it won't count, as the person is technically dead.... Or am I being pedantic? ;-)
  • This achievement description is incorrect. It only counts limbs dismembered on living enemies that dont kill them. For example if you shot an enemy and kill them in one shot by shooting off a leg and and an arm at the same time it doesnt count any of those limbs towards your count. if you shot off a leg to incapacitate them and then take off the head or arm to kill it only counts the first dismembered limb that did not cause the kill.
  • i just use the granade launcher on the weaker enemies for the tougher ones i just use more granade launcher lol
  • you can farm the big guys who regenerate their limbs for this achievement. They never die, so you can shoot off all 4, then wait a few seconds and they will regenerate so you can shoot them off again.. rinse and repeat.
  • I just assumed they meant human enemies. Seeing as necromorphs are basically the undead. -_-
  • @19 That's what I thought at first too. But after having about 2 full playthroughs I know that necromorphs count as well
  • This achievement is completely bugged. I've beat the game x3 on one save slot. The first time I beat the game with only 148/500 came back again with partner, I had 138.... Then I just used the shotgun solo and got 500 ach pop. Yet when I go back to do another chapter on the same save slot, now it says I have 248/1000 yet I unlocked 500 on same save Such a bugged tracker for dead space. Same with fodder axes and head shots, guess you have to do it straight without reloading......absolute nonsense
  • @21 yeah that happened to me too. Luckily I found out that I had about 950 in one of my save slots and I kept playing in it until I got the achievement but I'm not sure how this was calculated. I checked my progress in one of my playthroughs and it was at 700 then when I checked again it was at 200 something. I first noticed this after I started using the devil horns but I'm not sure if this is connected to the achievement in any way or not.
  • if your achievement keeps resetting or you just want this achievement done a quick and easy way to do this go to chapter 17's optional mission you will come across 3 invincible guys. Just have a gun with a big clip so you get the most out of your ammo and just keep dismembering those guys until you get the achievement. *Helps to have a co-op partner if you need to go to the bench and make ammo*
  • Just so you know...the count starts over after you pop the 500 achievement...
  • I need a little help here.. is there a way for me to the check my kill stats within the game? I'd like to try and find out how many more I have to go. Thanks for any help you guys are able to give on this..
  • Nevermind guys.. i found it.. sorry about that..

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