Blast Corps Achievement

  • Blast Corps



    Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.

    There are a few ways to cause explosion damage. An obvious way is to use kinesis to throw a grenade or rocket back at an enemy. Another way is to actually craft a weapon that causes explosive damage and use that as your gun to gain this achievement. Crafting a weapon is your best option. There are various tips you can use while crafting an item to cause the explosive damage (mines, grenades, etc). Focus on getting this and it will come quickly.

  • *press random kaboom button to unlock* :D
  • you can do this with grenade launcher and rocket launcher weapons as well as with explosive barrels. Not sure if the necromorph bomb sacks or mini bomb babies being used count for these but I would assume so. It would be fairly hard to kill something with the bomb baby but the bomb sacks would be easy and fine.
  • Anyone know if explosive tips on weapons work the same way??
  • Im having trouble getting my kills to count. Help?
  • I've been trying doing this one but beside "explosive weapon" made at the bench, nothing seems to work. Tried explosive barrels, explosive orange sac that some Necros have by shooting them or separate the sac and TKing it at other Necros... but still stay at 0/30. I create a Grenade laucher w/ Suspended ripper blade, and each kill with grenade launcher counts now. So my guess is that to count, explosive kills must be made by "your" weapon and NOT by environemental means.
  • Beside that, Suspended reaper blade weapons is very useful for "Empty Chamber" achievement (kill 30 with melee or "melee weapon". Add an "Electric Charge" or "Acid bath" attachement (didn't try this one yet) to do, respectivly, the "Electric Lawnmower" achievement (kill 30 using electrified ripper blade) and "Dropping acid" achievement (dissolve 50 with acid). Very useful.
  • Using explosive barrels with kinesis will not count

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