Shootbang Achievement

  • Shootbang



    Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.

    The soldiers are the human enemies. You see them early on in the game and eventually more later on. You can get one shot kills by shooting them in the head, or shoot them in the head a few times to weaken them. As long as the last shot blows their head off, it will count.

  • lol never expected to see a heatshot achievement in dead space..
  • Yeah, this doesn't really belong in Dead Space.
  • Different enemies, new weaknesses. I can see it.
  • As the achievement says its soldiers ;) so human enemies instead of the mutated allien enemies.
  • I'm really disappointed there are human enemies with guns. It's Dead Space so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but the E3 presentation where it showed a group of soldiers fighting necros and you, all with a cover system was discouraging.
  • @1 and 2, what are you guys talking about? I get headshots all the time in Dead Space with the Plasma Cutter. Cuttin' off heads.
  • build the seeker rifle,nuff said
  • @#5 Who cares, more enemy variety, more fun. Deal with it.
  • In Chapter 1, after you leave Isaacs apartment, there is a part where the Captain and Carver open a big gate and a car comes crashing in near you. Soldiers attack you from behind a small wall and as long as you dont approach the car the soldiers will spawn forever. When they duck behind the wall they leave their heads perfectly exposed as well. Easiest place to get this cheevo.
  • A lot of these achievements seem to have to be completed in a single run-through as I have a co-op game running at the same time as a single player game - yet I have different scores (11/30 on one and 17/30 on the other).
  • Quite right brotherdarkness! Prosit!

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