Game Completed on Hard! Achievement in Deadly Premonition

  • Game Completed on Hard!



    Completed all episodes on hard difficulty.

    How to unlock Game Completed on Hard!

    There are no easy ways to earn this set of achievements. You will have to play through the game three times before to complete all difficulties.

    You may want to play through the game at least once on Normal or Easy just to get a feel for what to do. The game isn't that difficult so just take your time.

    Keep your distance and back up when possible. Most enemies have little to no reaction when shot so they will keep walking up to you until they die. While holding the use the to lock onto your targets. This may be a little confusing to start with but it will help with the clunky aiming.

    This may get a little tedious until you get the hang of it. You will need to sleep and eat just like you would in real life. You can access your sleep and food bars by pressing , just be careful as once your food meter drops your health will start to diminish.

    Sleeping will restore your health, though it will lower your food meter. Make sure you always have a food source in your inventory. If you died and have to continue, the game will give back a small amount of your food meter.

    Unlimited Ammo
    You will find various weapons around Greenvale, but you will have to complete side quests for people to earn the unlimited ammo rewards.

    Pistol: You will start out with this weapon and unlimited ammo for it.

    Shotgun: Complete side quest B from Keith Ingram.

    MP5: Complete side quest A from Keith Ingram.

    Flamethrower: Complete Brian the Insomniacs side quest.

    There are several other weapons which you will earn through completing the side quests, See "Collect all trading cards!" for a link to the side quest guide.

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  • Keep in mind that the difficulty achievements DO NOT stack. You must beat the game on all 3 settings.
  • I have completed the game once on Normal and need the achievement on Easy and Hard, can I replay previous levels from the completed file with all my weapons to work towards them
  • You have to start a new game to play on a different difficulty, and it will overwrite your previous save file. The game can be completed in 5 hours if you skip all the videos and stick purely to the story mission.
  • if the controls were better this might be a awesome game still good just seems to be made for a xbox or ps2
  • my thoughts entirely #4. this is a resident evil 1 wannabe alan wake jap tragedy. outraged to play it though there is some nostalgia. shame the side missions mean dick to 360 players too. little point in them tbh.
  • The fact these don't 'stack' pisses me off . . . I actually kinda liked the game for its quirkiness, but there's no way I'm playing through it 3 times!
  • play it three times in a row?.....challenge accepted
  • Eh, won't be as bad as Bullet Witch's 5 difficulties.
  • Took me about 40 hours for my first playthrough (easy, watched all cutscenes, completed all missions, etc.). Took 9 hours for my second playthrough (normal, 3 infinite weapons, skipped cutscenes). And finally 6.5 hours for my third (hard, 3 infinite weapons, skipped cutscenes). It really wasn't hard at all once you know how to use Grecotch too.
  • Playing this game two more times sounds so time consuming, hopefully I can withstand it. :-(

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