The first one's free! Achievement

  • The first one's free!



    Got off your well-toned bottom

    *Story Related* - Pops shortly after beginning the game in Deadpool's apartment.

  • Game looks fun.
  • Easy achievement that cannot be missed. It's unlocked in the first campaign mission: Home Sweet Home. Video:
  • This so hard to get. When the game starts press up on the left thumb stick after the intro.
  • I laughed when I saw the achievement
  • It says "the first ones free" but when I did it on another account it was the second one i got (only when he stops breathing was first).
  • I love this game. Got to play about 10 minutes at gamestop and now I need to have it.
  • @#6: No one cares.
  • @#7 You're an ASSHOLE!!!
  • Fairly difficult to miss, but if you do you deserve an achievement.

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