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    Played with Deadpool's junk

    There are 14 interactive objects in Deadpool's apartment in the first stage. A prompt to interact with each one will pop up when you are by one. An achievement counter will pop up after each one. If it doesn't pop up, continue to interact with the object. Some take more than one interaction to finish.

    Thanks Maka for the video showing the objects you can interact with:

  • wat
  • HAHAHAHAH! Brilliant!!!
  • ummmm... can't wait to see what this is all about.
  • Oh man..... lol
  • Maybe it is like the Lollipop Chainsaw one for peeping up her skirt. If you sit still for long enough dead pool starts grabbing his junk.
  • Maybe it's stuff in his apartment you play with?
  • I think it's all the stuff in his apartment; on a gameplay video after he makes pancakes It comes up saying "Achievement progress: Deadpools junk 9/15" or summin like that; I really cannot wait for this. :D
  • Video Guide: You need to interact with all 14 items inside Deadpool's apartment. You can do this on the first campaign mission: Home Sweet Home. Here are the items: · Living Room (6 items) -Nap Time (lay on the couch) -Watch TV -Doggy Style (pet the dog) -Guitar Practice (air guitar) -Make a call (call to Nolan North) -Show and Tell (Bookcase) · Bedroom (3 items) -Blow-up Doll -Use the Internets -Check your Load Out (gun wall) · Bathroom (2 items) -Make a Stink Pickle (dump) -Kill the germs (wash hands) · Kitchen (3 items) -Make Pancakes -Look in the refrigerator (drink the beer until he stops) -Pizza Time! (need to eat pizza, 4 bites)
  • I love suggestive achievements... Great idea, very creative.
  • @8 Thanks mate
  • I've collected everything in the apartment and I got a different cheeve...
  • Geeeez good achievement names heh
  • Very fun to do :)
  • the beer takes 4 times, just like the pizza
  • Surprised at how much junk he has to play with
  • easy guide for this

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