In the lobby comboin' your dudes Achievement

  • In the lobby comboin' your dudes



    Scored a combo higher than 40 before they locked the elevators

    This is "Job One" level. Simply get a combo of 40 or higher before they lock down the elevators. This is pretty simple, especially so after you've upgraded your skills some. The Sais are great for combos. You'll get a checkpoint if you kill all the enemies and the elevator locks down, so you'll have to restart the chapter if you progress to far without getting it, but this is near the beginning of the chapter, so it's not too far to trek to get back to it.

  • might sound a bit hard but really quite easy if you are decent at all at action games like this.
  • Kind of technically a action arcade type but another tip is have weaker weapons so you can hit combo and not kill them then bash away..also use the teleport counter to get a couple extra hits added to your combo without doing much damage .
  • I achieved like a 70+ combo in the room right after you climb up from the sewers (before the elevators lock of course) and no achievement popped up :( Poops
  • My weapons are upgraded quite a bit and I even tried it on the hardest difficulty but I'm too powerful and keep killing them before I get to 40! :(
  • Finally got it. You have to use Sais (I also did it on the hardest difficulty cos my weapons are upgraded). Round all the enemies together in the room and from the room where the elevators are and just keep bashing X and countering. Video helped here but they bought the Sais new:
  • Ugh, I really should have done this one before I beat the game and upgraded everything. I keep trying what Lombax666 said and it almost worked once.
  • Got like 32 on my first try. -.-
  • I can't do this. I'm playing on ultra-violence with the said and i keep getting 36 or 37. bull$h*!
  • sais not said. autocorrect
  • Just the in middle of trying to get this achievement, but keep having to restart chapter as I don't have enough guys to beat with the sais.
  • did what lombax666 said to do by rounding the up on ultra-violent but instead of using the sais, I used the gun-fu RT perk of the nuthals 220s... got a 46 combo doing it and PING!
  • Sadly, you have to do it AFTER you leave the sewers and you can't do it while inside the sewers :(
  • I just did this with weapons mostly upgraded on ultra-violence. What I did was gather all the enemies in the area (make sure you get ALL of them, which means running through the elevator room to grab that guy. I ran straight through the elevator room from one door to the other hugging the wall so the elevators didn't close. Once you get back to the big room, I started alternating between x and RT with the nuthals 220s (not sure if the combo upgrade has anything to do with this). I ended the fight with a 41 combo. Just sit there and mash x, RT, x, RT, get the idea. So long as no one hits you (didn't touch B, didn't get hit either) you'll be good.
  • would have nice to tell us that its IMPOSSIBLE with fully upgraded weapons. i didn't get it first time round, so i came back after i beat the game and everything is a 1 hit kill now.
  • People die too fast. Having a hard time with this one...
  • What in the hell is wrong with you people? Jesus this achievement is so easy. Just play on Ultra Violent difficulty with sais that are not upgraded. Jesus I got up to a 180X combo.
  • This vid helped me. Very easy even if you have fully upgraded stuff.
  • Thanks Gasparus, I didn't think I would be able to get the cheevo after upgrading everything. They key is to be far away from the enemies while shooting with the shotgun, hits but without much damage. Cheers!

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