49 in 5 Achievement

  • 49 in 5



    Got from the studio lobby to the boardroom without dying in 5 minutes

    This is on the "Job One" stage. Progress from the first area after exiting the sewers until you jump out of the window at the boardroom onto the window washer lifts in under 5 minutes without dying. Very easy to do on the easy difficulty after you've upgraded your weapons some.

  • level up first, it makes takin out the baddies that much easier. RUN N GUN
  • After the first time doing this level i was like nope. impossible. then my friend was playing it on my Xbox a few days ago after I beat the game and had a lot of stuff upgraded. still seemed like a daunting task. then I was playing today just going through the level trying to get dp after, numerous failed attempts at the 40 combo achievement (never did get it), and this popped up just before going onto the window washing platforms. I would have bet money that it was more than five minutes so i was so confused but yay. and it made me feel better about failing the other one.
  • Full Upgrade sais & SMGs and this is Easy
  • I died and this bitch still popped....
  • I died multiple times & I know it took me longer than 5 minutes playing on the hardest setting on my first play though, I got this achievement but my Xbox Live did glitch & I tried to reconnect but then I got booted to the home screen, so maybe the 5 minute requirement resets when you click continue?? I don't know, but I somehow got it as an "offline" achievement; didn't even know I had it lol.
  • @#5: That first sentence might have been the longest run-on sentence ever. Take a breath and use periods.

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