Catch me if you can Achievement

  • Catch me if you can



    Defeated Arclight while taking no damage from her slam attacks

    Arclight telegraphs her attacks pretty plainly, so when you see her about to do a slam attack, use your evade. If you get hit, there are checkpoints at the beginning and midway through this fight, so you can just reload the checkpoint until you get it. If you turn orange and slow down, you've been hit and should reload the check point. Thanks SpinelesS for the tip.

  • My method with this was have the Smashy! Smashy! ability for the hammers and saving the momentum for it until after she knocks the platform down then using it the second you start fighting her again and just staying right on her spamming Y.
  • Just smash X+Y first bit then shotgun the little slag and dodge when she put her arms up then Y,Y,Y player... Took her a few go coz you can't restart the checkpoint got to restart chapter...
  • I turned orange a couple of times but didn't get slammed and it didn't unlock. Did I do something wrong?
  • fairly annoying achievement i thought this was going to be easy :(
  • does anyone know if there is a youtube video for this achievement as ive been trying do do this one all day
  • It's easier if you level up your hammers, and do the "LB + hold X" for the 1st strike, then when she collapses the platform, us the "LB + YYYYYYYY" lol She won't be able to hit you, and she'll be dead in seconds.
  • I tried reloading the checkpoint any time she hit me with her slam and then when I finally did beat her without getting hit by it no achievement ????
  • I now know that reloading a checkpoint doesn't work. I must quit to the menu
  • I got this at my first playthrough. I guess I was really lucky.
  • Thanks #6 - Amazing
  • Took me quite a few tries. Reloading the checkpoint does work, ust fyi. bullets also work.
  • Check out my video for an easy solution:
  • Just confirming that reloading checkpoints DOES work, no need to quit to menu.
  • Reloading checkpoint does NOT work, I found that out myself just now.
  • It works if you get to the 2nd part of the fight, where she knocks the platform down.

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