Beer goggles Achievement

  • Beer goggles



    Used all three switches, defeated the two phasers, and chased after Vertigo within 60 seconds

    This is on the "Taking a Chance" stage. Vertigo will be affecting you with her powers making it a little hard to see, but there will be 2 switches you need to hit to power up the main switch. You can follow 2 power lines to get to them. 2 enemies will spawn while you're doing this, so take them out, hit the third switch, and proceed and it'll pop. There is a checkpoint at the same spot where this achievement pops, so make sure you feel confident that you'll get it, otherwise you'll hit the checkpoint and have to restart the chapter.

  • I've activated the left switch, killed off the 2 phasers (I assume they died.. they disappeared), when tot he right one and back in like 30 seconds. Activated the switch and ran down the hall to the next checkpoint.. nothing....
  • The cheevo does say 3 switches but you only described activating 2... I haven't played yet though about to go get it now!!!
  • when you regain control there is a platform with a switch on either side. after activating one two enemies will spawn on the middle platform. you can juggle them over the ledge or straight up kill them. after both switches are activated you must go back to the first room where you saw Vertigo and tge control panel will be active. pull the switch and run/teleport to the next area
  • Helpful tip: the 'cheevo pops at the checkpoint RIGHT after entering the pipe on the way out after Vertigo. If it doesn't pop... you basically have to restart the whole chapter.
  • I've been having some trouble trying to get this one. I know I need to flip the switches on the left and right sides first, which I can do and I'm using a lot of double jumps to get to them but it seems like I can never seem to make it just in time. I also ignore the phaser dudes too as fighting them just eats up the time limit.
  • Ok, ignore the previous comment then ^^; (Staff/Mods delete it if necessary) I found a good way to take out the phaser guys. Drop the land mines as they are chasing you and it should kill them fairly easily, difficulty level depending of course
  • I had my cousin use a stopwatch to help me with this one. Use the mines like #6 said and JUMP JUMP JUMP.
  • Do this on easy. Get your mines and SMGs ready and after the first switch, as you jump back into the middle chuck mines and shoot the crap out of them. Toss all 4 mines and shoot and if you do it right, you will hear, "Who were they supposed to be anyway?" Or something like that. Then book it to the second switch, go back to the main switch were you stood for the Vertigo cutscene. Flip it and run to platforms across the way. If you miss a jump, don't bother teleporting, just restart. You need that time. Good luck!
  • That's annoying. Didn't register on my first playthrough. God damnit.
  • I made a video guide that should help with gaining this achievement:
  • Thanks #10 for the guide. Very helpful

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