Remarkably quiet Achievement

  • Remarkably quiet



    Killed 4 enemies in the Tower Plaza with stealth kills

    After meeting your Number 1 Fan Girl, you'll be approaching some enemies from behind. Take out 4 of them with stealth kills before anyone sees you to pop this achievement. It's pretty simple and you can reload the checkpoint just before this section if you mess up.

    Video guide from Maka:

  • very easy to do. stealth kill the guy in front of you. then go forward. you will see a guy in front of you who walks up and down a walkway. don't kill him yet. go past him to a guy that stands on a ledge and stealth kill him. now to the left of him are stairs that go down to the floor. go stealth kill the guy near these stairs on the floor. now go back up and stealth kill the guy you pasted. if you kill him before the guy on the ground, the guy on the ground will see you and everyone will start to attack you.
  • That's the best video I found for it. It shows you wehere to wait for all the guards patrols.
  • If you were having problems like me getting the combo due to enhanced weapons use your shotguns and try to pick off individual guys after rounding them up and only use your shotguns as they have multiple hits per shot. With the sais I maxed combo at 32 but got 41 with the shotguns.

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