Fish out of water Achievement

  • Fish out of water



    Got through Toxic River without falling into or touching the water and taking damage

    There are multiple sewer sections later on in the "Landed in Prison" stage. Make sure not to fall into any of these sections while playing the level. Reloading your checkpoint doesn't work if you fall in, but you can quit to the dashboard and then reload the game and continue if you fall in. The achievement will pop shortly after you get the enhanced teleport ability.

  • reposting here for anyone who needs it; "reloading checkpoint wont give you achievement, but quiting to the main menu works. Thanks to Ghost 11211" The achievement will pop shortly after the long-range teleporter sequence (passing through the huge door before a new wave of enemies spawn)
  • what chapter is this done on??
  • @Popnfresh: It's done on the Landed In Prison Stage. Also, you can take damage from enemies just not from the doody water, doody water with Poo gas smell.
  • This video helped a lot and thanks for the advice about quitting to main menu and not Dashboard!
  • This cheevo sux. Sick of replaying this level on an otherwise damn fine game
  • #5, have you tried doing it on the easier difficulty levels?
  • I had to take it so slow and then it went ok
  • Just got it. Finally. By far the most annoying cheevo in the game!!!!!
  • Just to confirm quitting to the dashboard works. Tried this three times before I read that post...
  • Check out my video guide for this achievement, I made this on the hardest difficulty first time through. This is gained in the level "Landed in Prison". Check out my channel for more Deadpool achievement guides. Thanks for watching.
  • Just to clear things up, If you do hit dashboard and complete a section then mess up again, You are only starting from the last check point, not the whole thing
  • I just did this. I actually hit the toxic stuff but didn't drop to dashboard until the very end of the section, so when I reloaded at the very end and completed by crossing only the last river of sludge, I got the achievement. So you don't have to drop to dashboard every time you touch the stuff, just make sure you go to dashboard before you're done with the area, then cross the last river without touching the toxic waste.
  • Confirmed; #12's strategy is a good one. When you get to the point where you need to blow a hole in the wall with some barrels, dashboard out and log in again. You just need to cross that one river without falling in to get the achievement. Also, it's possible to jump along the ledge on the far wall using double jumps which makes this segment even easier.
  • So, dashboarding works? Let's hope it works.
  • This one is pretty annoying.
  • Incredibly annoying achievement.
  • I can also confirm #12 and 13! Makes this so ridiculously easy!
  • #12 and #13 are correct. Thanks for the tip!

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