Silent and deadly Achievement

  • Silent and deadly



    Got a stealth kill with every melee weapon in Sinister’s Lair without being detected

    When you are approaching the throne Sinister is sitting on at the end of the "Landed in Prison" stage, there will be a few enemies roaming around. Take each one out with one of the three available melee weapons, switch weapons, repeat. You must have purchased the melee weapons from the upgrade menu to use them.

  • Sneak up and get each one with a different weapon, you just have to make sure you unlock all three melee weapons. Also, there is another achievement or 2 you can get right after this that are not listed yet (they are secret achievements). One is "Game Over!". Just have your swords equipped when you kill sneak up on Sinister. The other achievement is "Game On!". The description doesn't give any clues how to get it, but I assume it was from just finishing this part.
  • video for Game Over! and Silent and Deadly
  • didn't unlock for me, I followed the guid but no cheivo
  • Use your hammer first it helps
  • Check out my video guide for the achievements "Silent and Deadly", "Game Over!" and "Game On!". Feel free to view the other Deadpool achievement guides on my channel too.
  • This can glitch, so you have to pay attention. For some reason doing a stealth kill with the hammer will occasionally play a sword animation instead, which for the game counts as a hammer kill (a new hammer upgrade popped for me), but for the achievement it counts as a sword kill. The first time I attempted it, it didn't popped, so I reloaded it to test my theory. First guy - killed w/the hammer, but sword animation played. Second guy - kept hammer equipped, correct hammer animation played. Third guy - killed w/sai and the achievement popped. I suspect this is what happened to #3.

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