ARRR-Rated Achievement

  • ARRR-Rated



    Beat "Death, Baby" while wearing the pirate hat

    You'll get the pirate hat during one of the releasing the souls sections in the "Death, Baby" stage. It's the orange "Speak No Evil" statue that will give you the pirate hat, the one with the Carnival game. Do this stage last and you'll only have to complete one round of enemies with the pirate hat on to pop the achievement. The purple statue section will change your hat, so doing the orange section last should make sure you get it. Dying or taking damage doesn't seem to remove your hat either.

  • And were would one find this "pirate hat" ????
  • just do the yellow idol "death challenge" last. you automatically get the head there...
  • #2 is correct.
  • I did yellow first and kept it through the level, it was on right before the cutscene and I still didn't get the achievement
  • No, once you interact with the Amazing Deadpoolio, you get a turban instead. You need to do the (yellow) circus one last.
  • #5, thanks for the clarification.
  • shut up #6.

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