Spawn more Deadpool-lords Achievement

  • Spawn more Deadpool-lords



    Collected all DP points and ammo in the bathroom


    During the "Road to Victory" stage, you'll be coming into some office buildings and you'll be in a stealth section. There will be a bathroom on the left side that a shield generating enemy will walk into. Collect the ammo and the DP points in here to pop the achievement. If your ammo is full for that particular gun, just fire off a round and then collect it. Video thanks to Maka.

  • DP points...that's classy
  • Hahaha classic Starcraft reference. Spawn more Overlords :)
  • which bathroom???
  • the level after the death challenges ... "The Road to Victory" I assume ... after the outside part with the breaking grounds you go inside a building and jump over a small wall to fall down into a floor... after you go up again and killed some bad guys (3 I think) its on the same floor as the first bad guys inside the building. on the left theres a small bathroom with 3 golden coins and some pistol ammo.... and there you got it.
  • AHA.. never even saw the opening for that doorway!!!
  • Mission 7 The Road To Victory

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