I can open doors! Achievement

  • I can open doors!



    Completed the Breach in 10 seconds

    During the "Road to Victory" stage, you'll get a short cutscene where Deadpool talks about there being enemies on the other side of the door. Once he kicks in the door you'll be in slow motion and your guns will kill the enemies very quickly. Kill everyone in this room plus the enemies that come through the door when you approach it in 10 seconds to pop the achievement. There is a checkpoint immediately before this section, so reload if the achievement doesn't pop.

    Video by WORLDEATER:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aEICd0LXVk
  • any tips?
  • I was having issues with this at first. The game will switch over to handguns, but if you immediately go to the equipment select/upgrade menu when the doors kick open you can switch to a better weapon. Shotguns were too slow, but I was able to get it 1st try when switching over to the Nuthals 220S (machine guns). Most of the bad guys only needed one or two rounds to down them and I was finished in about 7 seconds...except for one guy I missed, but it was easy to clean up. Make sure you run towards the doors in the back to bring in those enemies waiting there.
  • I got this achievement with the pistols, you just have to pace yourself and move forward immediately so that the guys behind the door enter the room. Every hit is a one hit kill so you can quickly move to the next guy after shooting.
  • For some reason every single time I get to this area, only 9 enemies seem to spawn. I've quit and started the stage again and also a couple of restart checkpoints and still 9.
  • i can't even clear the first room in 10 seconds, let alone try to walk forward and kill more enemies in that time. theres ALWAYS a guy that goes beind the cabinet on left and i can not see him making this achievement fucking stupid hard because of that 1 guy

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