Suck it, Wolverine! Achievement

  • Suck it, Wolverine!



    Completed "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish without dying

    Exactly as the achievement says, complete this level without dying. This is much easier if you've already upgraded all your weapons and skills and are playing on easy. If you get into a tough spot, you can run away and keep evading until your healing factor kicks in and refills your life.

  • No THERE it is!!!! I was looking for this one! LOL
  • @1 So did I. Although I expected the title of this achieveable to be "I am the best at whatever Wolverine does!"
  • Great name... but why is this achievement worth 10?
  • If you do die, dashboard out and select "continue" from the menu. I can confirm that works.
  • Confirmed that if you fall off the platforms and save it with the B "teleport" prompt, this doesn't count as a death and thus it doesn't count against the achievement.
  • You can also just restart the checkpoint too. Just confirmed it working
  • Fails for me everytime. I tried clicking B when falling off everytime, still not getting the achievement. Then I tried restart checkpoint everytime I died, still not working. And finally, I tried going to the menu and clicking continue everytime I died. Guess what, didn't get it.
  • @7 I had the same problem - fell off a platform, pressed B. Died and clicked restart checkpoint before the 'restart' screen appeard and then died again and at the 'restart' screen I quit to title and continued. Didn't get the achievement. Can't be bothered playing the level again for 10 GP
  • If u die just hit center button & go to dashboard (the Y button) worked for me b/c of the 10,000 clone bosses at the end lol
  • Just dashboard and continue if you do die.

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