It's a trap! Achievement

  • It's a trap!



    Scored a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

    This one was a bit tricky simply because it's vague on where to do it. When you're on the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" level, you'll be jumping along and Deadpool will start talking about Magneto's citadel. Once you land on the next solid platform, this is where you do this achievement. I found it easiest to use the enemies up and to the right a little bit. There will be some that do more damage to you. I melee killed everyone I could with the Sais, then picked off a few from a distance with guns to finish the combo. Same location as the "You've been Cole-slaw-tered!" achievement.

    Video by WORLDEATER shows the location for this achievement:

  • anyone know where exactly this one is? there's a helluva lot of stairs, and I'm not getting it to come up.
  • Near the very top almost to where you fight Mr Sinister on the collisium. There is a big area before that with a bunch of baddies
  • Got it's where it says "Bath Time. Blood Bath" hope this helps and credit to the guy who posted in on youtube.
  • It's hard to get a good set up because you either get gunned down by the shooter rejects from Call of Doody, or you get pummeled by the powered up Melee fighters. I dunno if 10g is worth potentially wrecking one's living quarters over.
  • Can't Get It On The Last "Arena"? I Had Over 75 With These Earthquakers, Random Clone And Sinister Clones.. Still Nothing?
  • @#5 I don't think so because that's not technically fighting up the stairs (even though there are stairs there and I was on them for a great deal of time during the final fight).
  • I am struggling with this so much!
  • Not That Bad. It was the last one I needed though. Jump to the right platform and then jump again to the far right platform. There should be three enemies here. Lay down traps to stop them all and then start the combo. Use the Sais to kill them all with no problem. Then just shoot your shotgun across at the guys on the next platform. My ammo ran out so I had to use the energy gun for the last couple shots. This got me to the early 80s with no problem. The traps are the key. I did this on easy with full upgrades.
  • This one got me a little frustrated, but I was able to get it after a couple tries. Much like the previous comments I used the sais and shotgun, especially on the Marrow clones who seem to block everything.

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