I am Deadpool Achievement

  • I am Deadpool



    Completed "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish using only swords and pistols

    Run through this entire level using only your swords and pistols. The swords are great weapons anyway, so this really doesn't add much difficultly. If you've upgraded your skills and these weapons, this achievement isn't difficult, especially on easy. I accidentally threw one grenade and the achievement still popped, so thrown weapons may not hinder this achievement.

  • Ok, I just got this after raging even on easy! But anyway just a warning when you do run out of ammo from the pistol DO NOT fire but if it just switches and it auto equips it, it still counts as that's what I did and I was panicking. :P
  • tried doing this, does using gadgets count?? and what about dying?
  • @2 you can use gadgets
  • Done this twice and cheevo didn't pop. You sure you can use gadgets?
  • FYI, there's an option in settings to prevent auto-switching guns when you run out of ammo.
  • What about picking up the giant machine guns? Does that count against?
  • I was actually able to get this without dying, on normal
  • I was in the middle of this and the game somehow glitched up. There is now an endless number of gunner minions coming after me outside the gates. Just wave after wave, I killed everything else but the Sinister clones aren't showing up. Pisses me off, cause I've been fighting this gods damned enemies for like 20 minutes straight now. This isn't the slightest bit fun, and is really a blemish on an otherwise pretty decent game. :
  • Just confirmed - all gadgets are ok also hitting B before u die when falling is ok & did this with SUCK IT Wolvarine - on easy
  • fuck this achievement. twice now ive ran out of ammo and fired with the machine guns. why auto switch, WHY?!?!?!?!?
  • Turn of auto switch for sure. That one got me. I can confirm that I accidentally used a thrown weapon as well as the huge turrets that the big blue guys drop, still got cheevo.

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