Know DP? Know madness Achievement

  • Know DP? Know madness



    Completed the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty


    This is the game's hard mode. It's not too difficult due to your healing factor, but certain enemies do take a while longer to drop compared to Veteran mode. The only real tough spots are on the last stage where you must fight your way through tons of enemies to get to the last fights, then when you have to fight all three Marauders at once. Recommended to playthrough on normal first to upgrade your skills to make this much easier. If you've already played through on normal and just need this achievement, you can teleport through a lot of the stage space and past many of the enemies. Enemies will eventually catch up to you and usually swarm you, but by then you'll have hit a checkpoint or two and won't be far away when you respawn. Your guns are your best friends here. Once upgraded, you can use the counter attack with the plasma rifle on melee enemies and many will die in 1 shot. This also doesn't use your ammo since it's a counter. For the ranged guys, just switch to your SMG and they drop fast. You also don't have to do these levels in order for the achievement to pop. I did the first few missions, then the last 2, then the ones in the middle that I hadn't done and it popped after I cleared the "Death, Baby" stage since that was the last one I hadn't beaten on Ultra-Violence mode yet.

  • What would be cool is if this difficulty was the same as Iron Man 1's superhero difficulty, which was fairly challenging.
  • This difficulty is indeed difficult you are like paper to bullets and the AI hides a lot I suggest you beat the game once over and try it afterwards.
  • first time playthrough is not suggested. having a very difficult time.
  • I've completed the game on veteran so can I just replay the whole game from chapter select on this difficulty? Wonder if there will be a glitch by doing the last chapter on it as it's High Moon Studios and that technique did work on Transformers WFC.
  • I am on the last part of the game on ultra violence difficulty and it is a pain in the butt to beat.
  • I'm at the part with all the floating platforms on this difficulty and my first playthrough and I hate myself for it. Those flying clones that use lightning are just retardedly hard to kill.
  • Can you use chapter select for this one? Just finished the game on veteran and it would be convenient to hold on to the upgrades :)
  • I am also interested in chapter select. Can I start at prologue on nightmare while fully upgraded and get credit for it?
  • If you are having problems in the last battle,just use flashbangs. They'll stun the clones allowing you to execute them.
  • Very bad choice for your first playthrough imho. its rough
  • I did this for my first play through and didn't get the achievement. Fuck.
  • I can confirm that you CAN get this achievement by replaying through the 'Chapter Select' menu. I highly suggest being completely maxed out on every one of your upgrades. It makes replay much more tolerable.
  • I played this difficulty 1st play-through, and felt invincible when I played "mop-up" with the rest of the achievements. Strongest word of advice is UPGRADE! I used bear traps on a few baddies on the stairs and used sais to get a huge combo a few times to get enough cudos to upgrade my weapons, etc. for the 3 cloned baddies you already beat (Blockbuster, Vertigo, and Arclight) It made it easier when I shot Vertigo down from the top left, and killed her off first, then Arclight, and finally Blockbuster. For the wave that n gun! The 3 waves of Sinister were tough. They can pick you up in the middle of your specials! Flash em first! I found my guns were the most useful against the last horde that wouldn't stop chasing me....the things people do for an autograph!
  • Does anyone know if I can move around in the chapter select for it? Like can I do the mission out of order and it still work?
  • Yes you can do them out of order. And play it on veteran and get all the upgrades before you do Ultaviolence. It makes the game significantly easier.
  • The game suggests playing this with your weapons reset to zero...the hell with that!!!
  • So I started on this difficulty and am searching for the second part for Cable. Could I switch to easier, get my upgrades and then come back and start at this spot in chapter select?
  • How the hell is this only worth 30 points. I havent yelled at a game this much in a long time.
  • The hardest part of this is definitely fighting past the 3 bosses that attack at once at the end of the game. Luckily, the game saves once you finally finish that battle. GREAT TECHNIQUE FOR THE SINSISTER’s- Run around the Citadel and get them to group and chase you while scrambling and evading (they will stay very close to you). Head up the stairs toward one of the corner walls and as you get close, throw a Flashbang/Stun Grenade at the corner wall you’re heading towards. It will explode, you will not be effected, and the Sinister’s behind you should be together and close enough so that they are ALL stunned for a while. Quickly hit “B” to do a fatality for each clone. If one Sinister happens to snap out of his dizziness, unload your gun on him repeatedly until he’s out.
  • Took me 7 to 8 hours on this mode to beat game from start to finish BUT - already beat game on normal mode & everything was upgraded - good luck as #18 says you'll get pissed off lol
  • Everything up until the last two levels is easy if you have everything fully upgraded, well over half of this play through was spent here for me.
  • Jesus H., that last level... That part right before the three Marauders attack where a shitload of enemies descend on you, I died a lot more on that than during the Marauder battle and the Sinister battle. I found it best to take out the two ice guys in that small stairwell on the left side of the arena (left side as if you're facing the main staircase), and then funnel all the guys into that corridor all the way to the left where there's the 6,000 DP. Bear traps, mines, flashbangs, and the pulse rifle counter move are your best friends when dealing with the double sword guys and the girls with claws. Take out the exploding Gambit clones with your sub before you start laying traps for the sword guys and such. As far as the Sinister waves go, I wholeheartedly second #9 and #19's metho
  • d of flashbang grenades and executions. That works like a charm. There's even a respawning flashbang ammo at the top of the main staircase. Good luck to anyone attempting this achievement. Even with fully upgraded everything, it's still damn hard. Playing through hard on your first play through like I did is even moreso. If you can do it, congratulations. You have the patience of a saint.

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