So you've got some free time? Achievement

  • So you've got some free time?



    Completed "Landed in Prison" without countering any attacks

    Complete the fifth stage without using the counter option when it pops up. Be careful using the evade in combat as you may accidentally trigger a counter attack. Honestly, it's best just to forget about the teleport/counter button completely while going for this achievement. When you get to the boss, you'll need to use flashbangs to stun him to do damage instead of countering. If you play through this chapter on easy, you take so little damage and you kill so fast that this achievement isn't hard at all.

  • Easiest way I can think to do this is the same way you do the "Shall I? I Shanti!" achievement. You hammer, especially if it's maxed out, can break the guard of anyone who likes to block. You can use flashbangs and execute people and make sure you save your Momentum attacks for when you're surrounded by a lot. When there are a lot of Gambit clones and other enemies around, I like to use the LB + B attack. Especially with the Nuthals 220s. Just make sure you have plenty of flashbangs when you get to the end. I remember at the end of the game flashbangs worked on the Blockbuster clone. If you have all your momentum attacks and your hammer maxed out you should be able to beat him with no problem and without using the counter move. I'm working on it now, so hopefully it works. NOTE: After
  • *After the surprise party, and after the sewer scene you equipment goes back to sword & pistol. It's kind of annoying.
  • Flashbangs do work on him, and my hammers were fully maxed out and killed him with one LB + Y momentum attack with the hammers. Then I used LB + B to finish off the reinforcements. Also, make sure you switch back to hammers again after the sinister stealth orgy of death part.
  • this isn't unlocking for me for some reason.. just played through it twice. i most definitely did not press B a single time in either try, not even to evade. i figured that maybe it didn't unlock the first time since i was also going for the "fish out of water" achievement and had to dashboard a couple times when i fell in the shit water. maybe that disabled this achievement?? the second time, i died once and had to restart from checkpoint... that wouldn't have disabled this achievement, would it??? gonna try a 3rd time here, maybe using nothing but guns....
  • why did you dashboard? You could have just "restart from last checkpoint" and it would've been fine. it may have. if you read my posts, it's really the best option. just come back and do it later. The hammer is definitely the best option for any blockers.
  • *** ah.. flashbangs. got it. -_-
  • dashboarded cuz i read to do that somewhere else...
  • You can't restart from checkpoint for "Fish out of Water". You have to dashboard for that one if you hit the water.
  • Same thing happened to me avoided the B button and didn't counter once, bastard didn't unlock, f%&^$ng infuriating.
  • Countered on blockbuster and I had to restart.
  • I've literally done this countless times and it won't give it to me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I began hating this level about five tries ago.
  • I got it on the first try. Make sure you go on the easiest difficulty. Dying and reloading the checkpoint wont void the achievement. Pretty easy, just nerve racking thinking you might accidentally counter something! Just constantly think about not hitting "B" when you're in melee fights.
  • For everyone with the unlocking problem, do not use the b attack while playing as rogue after the blockbuster fight. will void the achievment. spam X or Y,and its easy!
  • I pressed B once by accident and immediately restarted my check point and this didn't pop. On a side note the achievement for assassinating the men in Sinister's Throne Room wit each melee weapon also didn't pop -_-
  • I accidentally pressed B once while in the middle of a fight however I just did a normal teleport and didn't hit any enemies. I was super worried I would have to start over but the cheevo popped right after the Rouge part!
  • Does anyone know if you can use a flashbang on a regular enemy and then just perform a "takedown on stunned enemies"?
  • Do you have to use weapons e.g hammers? I used shotguns (and fair enough it didn't work) but countered before the boss fight and im guessing thats why it wont unlock, also does dying mess up the achievement?
  • I just did it on Easy and it definitely didn't go for me. I really hate having to replay an entire gods-damned level for this sort of thing.
  • I think gunkata attacks triggered with the fire button also count as counters because I didn't press b once during the entire level and this achievement still didn't pop for me
  • I can confirm that if you accidentally counter, you can exit to the dashboard, and then continue to play and earn this achievement.
  • Don't use "B" on the Bossman.
  • To confirm - if you press B accidentally you can dashboard out and then load it and click continue and it still works. I didn't press B for the whole level and then forgot at the boss fight and instinctively pressed B when he charged at me! However, I quickly exited to dashboard, reloaded the game, pressed continue, completed the level and successfully unlocked the achievement. Phew!!

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