Cole'd Blooded Achievement

  • Cole'd Blooded



    Combo-ed an entire wave on any Gold-tier Challenge map

    This isn't too difficult once you've upgraded your skills some. The waves get harder as you go, so doing this on the first wave of a Gold Challenge map is recommended. The Sais are great weapons for comboing.

  • Pretty easy did this one on first map.
  • so You have to chain the combo the whole round?
  • just combo the first wave, it's easiest if you stay near the starting location at the beginning of the round. Feel free to toss grenades at the gunners. Have baddies follow you for brief seconds as you hone-in on stragglers. This chevo unlocks as soon as you kill the last baddie in the combo. If it doesn't unlock, you missed something. Try it again.
  • Check this video out for an easy to follow guide to obtain this achievement. Check out my channel for other Deadpool achievement guides. If this helped you out feel free to like, comment and subscribe; I relaly appreciate it.
  • Fully Upgraded SMGs, The Watching Sentinel challenge, first wave. The enemies come out of the storm drain in groups, so just shoot them all.

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