Drunk on power Achievement

  • Drunk on power



    Upgraded all weapons to max

    This requires you to purchase all the upgrades for the three available melee weapons and the four available ranged weapons. To unlock the skills for purchase, you must kill enemies with the weapon. I found several good farming spots throughout the game to keep upgrading/reloading. The part where you visit the 3 Deadpoolios on the "Death, Baby" stage and the door breach section during the "Road to Victor" stage are some examples. The door breach section is also a great section to keep reloading to get your ranged weapon kills to unlock the skills for purchase. Just make sure you buy a skill before reloading so it saves your kills/DP points.

    Here's a video from deathmule showing a method of farming DP points near the beginning of the game:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBFdXyKMESU
  • I meant to add this to the above post and don't know how to edit. I was playing through the game and found this fast way to rack up DP Points. So far it seemed to be the most fast and easy way for me.
  • The fastest way to get DP points is do go for this achievement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDSUV7ZSSRM I got a combo of 350 and received over 900k for it. Make sure the weapons you use have the ability to receive bonus DP
  • @#3 thanks for that video i got a 413 combo and got the 300 hit achievement no problem
  • A REALLY good place that I found was right at the very end of the game. Play the last level on easy and finish the game - you get loads of DP from fighting all the clones. Then when you get back to the main menu press 'continue' and you re-start the clone fight. Use the shotguns to get a bonus of around x50+ after killing a few clones and you net around 7000+ DP points each 'wave'. I bought all remaining upgrades after just 2 plays of this end bit of the last level.
  • I came here to post basically what #3 said. so follow his advice. get around 600-900k each time. so a couple of times and you have enough to buy everything
  • then if you need any kills with any of the weapons to unlock upgrades, i just loaded up "job one" and killed the guys that spawn right at the beginning in the sewer during the tutorial. theres about 30 or so guys before they stop spawning.
  • VERY EASY VERY QUICK DP POINTS http://youtu.be/nzMIzcjpFd0

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