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    Banked a 300-hit combo

    There's a good place to get this on the "Road to Victory" stage. You'll need your Shotgun upgrades at least through the clip size upgrades, as well as have a full clip. Also you'll need ammo for the SMG. When you approach the bathroom for the "Spawn more Deadpool-lords" achievement, stealth kill the normal enemies and let the shield generator enemy go into the bathroom. Stealth kill another normal enemy and there will be a bigger enemy. Get his attention, and lure him into the bathroom with the shield generator enemy. Exit the bathroom and the larger enemy will tend to get stuck, and the shield generator enemy will be in there with him giving him a shield to slow his damage. When he gets stuck, kill the 2 random enemies that are near you and stand behind a pole facing the stuck enemy. Unload all your shotgun rounds into him and you'll be around 250 combo. Switch to your SMG and unload on him until you get to 300. I was able to do this on Veteran difficulty, after having purchased all upgrades. Just try not to shoot the enemy in the head or he'll die too quickly.

    Here's a video showing the above mentioned method. Thank you VVh1pCr3am for the video.

    Alternate method. Credit goes to hayabusaDGO.

  • I got over a 300 hit combo just after the part when you have to collect some power cores for Cable and it never popped! It was those blue guys with the shield so I could just keep on bashing them. Does it have to be bang on 300?!
  • Okay it popped just after 302, phew.
  • I was at the same area and my thumb/hand/arm/shoulder cramped before I got to 200.
  • check the achievement guide in the forum, there's a sweet video on how to do it easy in 2 minutes max! Did it on medium.
  • For all the people that are having trouble with this, you need to get a combo of more than 300 hits and then dodge until the combo is finished, if you get hit, the cheevo doesn't unlock even if you make more than 300 hits.
  • Level: Front Gates of Eeeeevil Final Fight: Sinister Difficulty: Ultra-Violence Start unloading with the shotgun on the first two Sinister clones. By that time you should have a x140+ combo going. Use Momentum (I suggest [LB]+[Y] with any melee weapon) to kill the next 3 approaching clones earning you a total of x250+ combo. With a few more shotgun blasts to the remaining clones you should be over the x300 mark. Teleport away from all enemies, without getting hit, and let the combo end in due time. Not an easy achievement to get but doing it at this location allows you to start at the beginning of the fight if you get hit and your combo chain resets.
  • Can this be done in the infinite challenges?
  • #4 what level was that? it looked like ganosha but I'm only like halfway through the game
  • Okay I hit a 300+ combo twice and the achievement didn't pop once in the little tutorial in the beginning of the game and second in the taking a chance stage. Any ideas why it didn't unlock?
  • #9 you got 300 in that tutorial at the beginning. I'm happy if I get 80
  • pain in the ass
  • So pissed off! 327 hit combo on the blue guys in Genoshia and nothing! I'm assuming because I got hit coming out of the combo, but if that's a deal-breaker, the cheevo description should be "score a 300 hit combo without taking damage". As Deadpool would say, "[email protected]! you High Moon!
  • @12 It says you need to "bank" the combo, in other words you actually need to complete it ergo banking the DP earned. It isn't High Moon's fault you fail at reading comprehension. ^_~
  • This is the easiest way I've tried.
  • damn this is hard
  • The part you fight two fat dudes and the blue guys show up run to the fountain stand on it and wait for the blues to buff the fat guys then blast away.
  • heres a easy way i did it genosha ultra violence use nothing but sais and keep spamming the attack button till you hit over 300 and if he trys to attack you use the evade button and keep lashing at him it make take several trys for some but its worth it and definitely easy
  • I did something similar to the first vid but probably easier. I couldn't seem to get them into the bathroom and even when i could I'd die trying to escape, instead this is what I did: - Kill the grunts noisily but don't kill the shield guy. - The shield guy will run at you, drop down the hole behind where you spawn in the section. He will follow you down but WILL NOT follow you back up. - Kill any remaining grunts and trigger the big guy. - Lead him down the hole to the shield guy and jump back up, he also WILL NOT follow you back up. - Make sure there's no grunts left then go to town on him from above for your combo [he's shielded and neither of them can attack you.]
  • Akinokazee's worked beautifully. Thanks

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