- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [if you do 2 playthroughs], 7/10 [if you play on hardest difficuly first]
- Offline: 50 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [difficulty achievements stack, but 2 is recommended for ease]
- Number of missable achievements: None [Chapter Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes ["Know DP?, Know madness"]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements? No
- Extra equipment needed? No

The Merc with a Mouth stars in his first solo game. It's a pretty standard beat'em up with a little bit of shooter and stealth mixed in. This game is pretty straight forward and for the most part the achievements are easily obtainable. If you miss anything during your playthrough, there's a chapter select to go back to any mission to get what you missed. That being said, the game is fun and hilarious, so sit back and enjoy it and mop up what you need to after you finish the game.

Playthrough 1:
Play or normal (Veteran) or easy mode. During this playthrough you can knock out many of the achievements pretty easily. During this playthrough, upgrade your skills as much as possible. You can be fully upgraded after playthrough pretty easily. Guns are particularly useful for the hard mode playthrough, so try to make sure these are upgraded.

Playthrough 2:
Hard mode (Ultra-Violence!). If you've upgraded your skills in your previous playthrough, this run isn't too difficult. Using your guns helps out a lot. The counter for the Pulse Rifle will kill many smaller enemies in 1 hit and also doesn't use ammo when countering. This basically replaced my melee in many spots. If you're having trouble, you can just keep teleporting forward and hitting check points. The enemies tend to eventually catch up to you and kill you, but by then you've hit a few check points and will reload at the closest one. This can speed up this playthrough a lot. If you're doing hard mode as your first playthrough, upgrades your guns as soon as you can and make sure to evade and counter as much as possible.

Challenge Mode:
Play through the challenge mode getting gold on 5 of the maps, as well as the snagging the "Shields Up" and "Cole'd Blooded" achievements. Challenge mode isn't too difficult, so this shouldn't take too much time.

Mop Up:
Use the chapter select to clean up any achievements you may have missed.

[x360a would like to thank Sting7785 for this Roadmap]

Deadpool Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Got off your well-toned bottom

    *Story Related* - Pops shortly after beginning the game in Deadpool's apartment.

  • Made a thousand pancakes

    Interact with the oven in Deadpool's apartment on the first stage. You'll get this while working towards the "Makin' a game!" achievement.

  • *Story Related* - Pops shortly after beginning the game in Deadpool's apartment.

  • Played with Deadpool's junk

    There are 14 interactive objects in Deadpool's apartment in the first stage. A prompt to interact with each one will pop up when you are by one. An achievement counter will pop up after each one. If it doesn't pop up, continue to interact with the object. Some take more than one interaction to finish.

    Thanks Maka for the video showing the objects you can interact with:

  • Scored a combo higher than 40 before they locked the elevators

    This is "Job One" level. Simply get a combo of 40 or higher before they lock down the elevators. This is pretty simple, especially so after you've upgraded your skills some. The Sais are great for combos. You'll get a checkpoint if you kill all the enemies and the elevator locks down, so you'll have to restart the chapter if you progress to far without getting it, but this is near the beginning of the chapter, so it's not too far to trek to get back to it.

  • Got from the studio lobby to the boardroom without dying in 5 minutes

    This is on the "Job One" stage. Progress from the first area after exiting the sewers until you jump out of the window at the boardroom onto the window washer lifts in under 5 minutes without dying. Very easy to do on the easy difficulty after you've upgraded your weapons some.

  • Completed "Job One"

    *Story Related* - Complete the second stage.

  • Defeated Arclight while taking no damage from her slam attacks

    Arclight telegraphs her attacks pretty plainly, so when you see her about to do a slam attack, use your evade. If you get hit, there are checkpoints at the beginning and midway through this fight, so you can just reload the checkpoint until you get it. If you turn orange and slow down, you've been hit and should reload the check point. Thanks SpinelesS for the tip.

  • Used all three switches, defeated the two phasers, and chased after Vertigo within 60 seconds

    This is on the "Taking a Chance" stage. Vertigo will be affecting you with her powers making it a little hard to see, but there will be 2 switches you need to hit to power up the main switch. You can follow 2 power lines to get to them. 2 enemies will spawn while you're doing this, so take them out, hit the third switch, and proceed and it'll pop. There is a checkpoint at the same spot where this achievement pops, so make sure you feel confident that you'll get it, otherwise you'll hit the checkpoint and have to restart the chapter.

  • Completed "Taking A Chance"

    *Story Related* - Complete the third stage.

  • Slapped Wolverine a bunch of times

    After crash landing on Genosha, the X-Men will be unconscious and it'll prompt you to slap Wolverine. Keep doing this repeatedly until the achievement pops.

  • Played WTF is Cable

    When Cable first appears in the Genosha stage, you'll see a prompt to press a button to get more info about him. Press it, watch the bio, and the achievement will pop.

  • Killed 4 enemies in the Tower Plaza with stealth kills

    After meeting your Number 1 Fan Girl, you'll be approaching some enemies from behind. Take out 4 of them with stealth kills before anyone sees you to pop this achievement. It's pretty simple and you can reload the checkpoint just before this section if you mess up.

    Video guide from Maka:

  • Completed "Genosha"

    *Story Related* - Complete the fourth stage.

  • Got through Toxic River without falling into or touching the water and taking damage

    There are multiple sewer sections later on in the "Landed in Prison" stage. Make sure not to fall into any of these sections while playing the level. Reloading your checkpoint doesn't work if you fall in, but you can quit to the dashboard and then reload the game and continue if you fall in. The achievement will pop shortly after you get the enhanced teleport ability.

  • Interacted with all the ladies at the Shower Surprise Party room.

    During the "Landed in Prison" stage, Deadpool will have a Surprise Party fantasy while on the way to rescue Rogue. There are multiple interactions in this room. Complete them all before talking to the bouncer to pop this achievement. An achievement counter will pop up after each one.

  • Got a stealth kill with every melee weapon in Sinister’s Lair without being detected

    When you are approaching the throne Sinister is sitting on at the end of the "Landed in Prison" stage, there will be a few enemies roaming around. Take each one out with one of the three available melee weapons, switch weapons, repeat. You must have purchased the melee weapons from the upgrade menu to use them.

  • Completed "Landed in Prison"

    *Story Related* - Complete the fifth stage.

  • Got a high score at the Carnival

    During the "Death, Baby" stage, you'll end up on a boat ride and you'll have three shooting game segments. You have to shoot the enemies and avoid shooting the girls. The girls will have power ups that you can shoot and use. Simply beat the high score on and one of the three rounds to get this achievement.

  • Found 11 treasure chests in the darkness of the Tombs

    This is an area in the "Death, Baby" stage where you are following Death and you must stay in her light to avoid being attacked by the darkness. There are 11 treasure chests in this area, and despite the darkness, they have a bright red border around them and are very easy to see. Just stay near the front of her range so you can get the chests and get back in her range quickly before you start to take damage. An achievement counter will pop up after each one. If you mess up, there is a check point a little before this section you can reload from.

    Video guide from Maka:

  • Beat "Death, Baby" while wearing the pirate hat

    You'll get the pirate hat during one of the releasing the souls sections in the "Death, Baby" stage. It's the orange "Speak No Evil" statue that will give you the pirate hat, the one with the Carnival game. Do this stage last and you'll only have to complete one round of enemies with the pirate hat on to pop the achievement. The purple statue section will change your hat, so doing the orange section last should make sure you get it. Dying or taking damage doesn't seem to remove your hat either.

  • Completed "Death, Baby"

    *Story Related* - Complete the sixth stage.

  • Collected all DP points and ammo in the bathroom

    During the "Road to Victory" stage, you'll be coming into some office buildings and you'll be in a stealth section. There will be a bathroom on the left side that a shield generating enemy will walk into. Collect the ammo and the DP points in here to pop the achievement. If your ammo is full for that particular gun, just fire off a round and then collect it. Video thanks to Maka.

  • Shot up the copier in the bridge offices

    This is on the "Road to Victory" stage. From the bathroom for the "Spawn More Deadpool-lords" achievement, proceed forward up the rubble. You'll be on the upper floor of an office building. If you jump all the way to the end of this floor and then drop down, the copier will be in the cubicle on your right if you're facing away from the bathroom from which you came. Shoot it and it'll explode, popping the achievement. Video thanks to WORLDEATER.

  • Completed the Breach in 10 seconds

    During the "Road to Victory" stage, you'll get a short cutscene where Deadpool talks about there being enemies on the other side of the door. Once he kicks in the door you'll be in slow motion and your guns will kill the enemies very quickly. Kill everyone in this room plus the enemies that come through the door when you approach it in 10 seconds to pop the achievement. There is a checkpoint immediately before this section, so reload if the achievement doesn't pop.

    Video by WORLDEATER:

  • Completed "The Road to Victory"

    *Story Related* - Complete the seventh stage*

  • Made it across the floating debris without falling

    On the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" stage, there will be multiple platforming sections where you'll be jumping from one piece of floating debris to another. Just make sure not to fall off. The achievement will pop when you jump into solid land after Deadpool is talking about the size of Magneto's citadel.

  • Completed "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish without dying

    Exactly as the achievement says, complete this level without dying. This is much easier if you've already upgraded all your weapons and skills and are playing on easy. If you get into a tough spot, you can run away and keep evading until your healing factor kicks in and refills your life.

  • Scored a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

    This one was a bit tricky simply because it's vague on where to do it. When you're on the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" level, you'll be jumping along and Deadpool will start talking about Magneto's citadel. Once you land on the next solid platform, this is where you do this achievement. I found it easiest to use the enemies up and to the right a little bit. There will be some that do more damage to you. I melee killed everyone I could with the Sais, then picked off a few from a distance with guns to finish the combo. Same location as the "You've been Cole-slaw-tered!" achievement.

    Video by WORLDEATER shows the location for this achievement:

  • Completed "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

    *Story Related* - Complete the eighth stage.

  • Completed "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish using only swords and pistols

    Run through this entire level using only your swords and pistols. The swords are great weapons anyway, so this really doesn't add much difficultly. If you've upgraded your skills and these weapons, this achievement isn't difficult, especially on easy. I accidentally threw one grenade and the achievement still popped, so thrown weapons may not hinder this achievement.

  • Completed the game on Veteran difficulty

    This is the game's normal mode. Complete all 8 chapters on Veteran and the achievement will pop.

  • Completed the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty

    This is the game's hard mode. It's not too difficult due to your healing factor, but certain enemies do take a while longer to drop compared to Veteran mode. The only real tough spots are on the last stage where you must fight your way through tons of enemies to get to the last fights, then when you have to fight all three Marauders at once. Recommended to playthrough on normal first to upgrade your skills to make this much easier. If you've already played through on normal and just need this achievement, you can teleport through a lot of the stage space and past many of the enemies. Enemies will eventually catch up to you and usually swarm you, but by then you'll have hit a checkpoint or two and won't be far away when you respawn. Your guns are your best friends here. Once upgraded, you can use the counter attack with the plasma rifle on melee enemies and many will die in 1 shot. This also doesn't use your ammo since it's a counter. For the ranged guys, just switch to your SMG and they drop fast. You also don't have to do these levels in order for the achievement to pop. I did the first few missions, then the last 2, then the ones in the middle that I hadn't done and it popped after I cleared the "Death, Baby" stage since that was the last one I hadn't beaten on Ultra-Violence mode yet.

  • Completed "Landed in Prison" without countering any attacks

    Complete the fifth stage without using the counter option when it pops up. Be careful using the evade in combat as you may accidentally trigger a counter attack. Honestly, it's best just to forget about the teleport/counter button completely while going for this achievement. When you get to the boss, you'll need to use flashbangs to stun him to do damage instead of countering. If you play through this chapter on easy, you take so little damage and you kill so fast that this achievement isn't hard at all.

  • In "Genosha," reached the fan girl using only Hammers and Pulse Rifles

    Progress from the beginning of the "Genosha" stage to the fan girl section using on your Hammer melee weapon and your Pulse Rifle ranged weapon. The hammers are very slow and don't do a lot of damage until upgraded, so waiting until you have upgraded them some will make this achievement much easier. It'll pop after the cutscene with the fan girl and Cable is over.

  • Collected 100 tacos

    Tacos can be found throughout the game and enemies also drop them. They boost your Momentum meters for your special moves. An achievement counter will pop up after every 5 tacos you collect. This should pop about half way through the game. Plenty of them will drop from combat, so don't stress about finding them in the environment.

  • Purchased all Player Upgrades

    Use your DP points to unlock all of the Player Upgrades in the upgrade menu. By the time you've completed a playthrough, you should have most of the upgrades completed already. TIP: If you find a spot where you are getting a lot of DP points and there is a check point close before, you can buy an upgrade and reload the check point and farm the DP points again. The game won't save your DP points unless you purchase an upgrade. I found several good farming spots throughout the game to keep upgrading/reloading. The part where you visit the 3 Deadpoolios on the "Death, Baby" stage and the door breach section during the "Road to Victor" stage are some examples.

  • Combo-ed an entire wave on any Gold-tier Challenge map

    This isn't too difficult once you've upgraded your skills some. The waves get harder as you go, so doing this on the first wave of a Gold Challenge map is recommended. The Sais are great weapons for comboing.

  • Killed a total of 15 enemies by holding cooked grenades

    Hold down the thrown weapon button while you have grenades equipped and Deadpool will pull the pin and hold the grenade. Stand near some enemies when it explodes. Many enemies will die in 1 hit from this on easy. An achievement counter will pop up to track your progress as you get kills.

  • Upgraded all weapons to max

    This requires you to purchase all the upgrades for the three available melee weapons and the four available ranged weapons. To unlock the skills for purchase, you must kill enemies with the weapon. I found several good farming spots throughout the game to keep upgrading/reloading. The part where you visit the 3 Deadpoolios on the "Death, Baby" stage and the door breach section during the "Road to Victor" stage are some examples. The door breach section is also a great section to keep reloading to get your ranged weapon kills to unlock the skills for purchase. Just make sure you buy a skill before reloading so it saves your kills/DP points.

    Here's a video from deathmule showing a method of farming DP points near the beginning of the game:

  • Banked a 300-hit combo

    There's a good place to get this on the "Road to Victory" stage. You'll need your Shotgun upgrades at least through the clip size upgrades, as well as have a full clip. Also you'll need ammo for the SMG. When you approach the bathroom for the "Spawn more Deadpool-lords" achievement, stealth kill the normal enemies and let the shield generator enemy go into the bathroom. Stealth kill another normal enemy and there will be a bigger enemy. Get his attention, and lure him into the bathroom with the shield generator enemy. Exit the bathroom and the larger enemy will tend to get stuck, and the shield generator enemy will be in there with him giving him a shield to slow his damage. When he gets stuck, kill the 2 random enemies that are near you and stand behind a pole facing the stuck enemy. Unload all your shotgun rounds into him and you'll be around 250 combo. Switch to your SMG and unload on him until you get to 300. I was able to do this on Veteran difficulty, after having purchased all upgrades. Just try not to shoot the enemy in the head or he'll die too quickly.

    Here's a video showing the above mentioned method. Thank you VVh1pCr3am for the video.

    Alternate method. Credit goes to hayabusaDGO.


Secret achievements

  • Took no damage on the waterslide

    There is a waterslide section during the "Taking a Chance" stage. You'll have to avoid gates as you slide down collecting DP points. This can get challenging as the speed increases as you progress, but there is a checkpoint immediately before, so you can keep reloading until you get it.

  • Shot everything from the Wheel of Insanity (Balloons and the Cow)

    On the "Genosha" stage, you'll start to mess with Sinister's tower and it'll turn into a Wheel of Insanity. After your first spin, some balloons will show up around the wheel. Shoot them all. After your second spin, a cow will be floating around and balloons will spawn around the wheel again. Shoot the cow and the second set of balloons and the achievement will pop.

    Video guide from Maka:

  • Heh heh, good times

    *Story Related* - Pops when you kill Sinister in the "Landed in Prison" stage.

  • Stealth Killed Sinister, in the Prison, with the Sword!

    At the end of the "Landed in Prison" level, you'll be in the room with Sinister sitting on a throne and some enemies around. Stealth kill all the enemies to get to Sinister undetected, then stealth kill Sinister for this achievement to pop. This may actually be unmissable. If you alert the enemies on the approach, it reloads your checkpoint automatically. I'm not sure if you can kill him with anything other than the sword, but if not, you'll get this automatically.

  • Chose the patience option all the way through the line in the Carnival

    During the "Death, Baby" stage, you'll be standing in line for a Carnival ride and you'll have the options to "Be Patient" or "Think Quick". Keep choosing "Be Patient" until you get to the front of the line.

  • Died 10 times in a row through the floating stairs

    This one was a bit tricky simply because it's vague on where to do it. When you're on the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" level, you'll be jumping along and Deadpool will start talking about Magneto's citadel. Once you land on the next solid platform, this is where you do this achievement. Simply die 10 times and it's yours. Same location as "It's a trap!"

  • Set the Dialog Volume slider to zero

    In the settings menu, adjust the Dialog Volume slider all the way to zero to pop this achievement.

  • Completed five Gold Challenges

    There are 8 challenge maps consisting of a bronze, silver, then gold tier. You must complete bronze and silver to unlock gold. These challenges consist of clearing multiple waves of enemies without dying and within a time limit. They aren't too difficult once you've purchased your upgrades. Just make sure to counter when you can and dodge attacks from the larger enemies and these aren't too much trouble. Complete whichever 5 you like and the achievement will pop.

  • Completed a Gold- or Silver-tier Challenge while countering at least 25 times

    This is pretty simple. Just keep track of your counters and make sure you get to 25 before completing the challenge. It doesn't all have to be on one wave, just as long as they're all done before you complete the challenge. I did this on the silver rank of the first challenge with no problem.

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