- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 56 [975gs.png]
- Online: 2 [25gs.png] [Dressing Down (10G) and Nowhere To Hide (15G)]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 30-40 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 0
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A [no difficulty settings]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 1 at least - Spoiled for Choice (15G) didn't unlock for us, but has for others. There are also reports around the internet that campaign quest achievements aren't unlocking for others. It's pretty pot luck at this point.
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After spending a year being a PlayStation exclusive, Deathloop is finally on next-gen Xbox consoles and boy was it worth the wait. In it, you play as Colt who's stuck in a timeloop, and the only way to escape it is to kill 8 "Visionaries" in one day, otherwise you'll be stuck in it forever! It's an exploration game, a stealth game, an action game, a shooter, a game that requires planning, but in all, it's the very definition of an excellent video game - plus, it controls a lot like Dishonored and even has a 'Blink'-style ability, which we adore too!

Being a game that requires a lot of planning and strategy, its achievement list then is equally as challenging. Not in terms of skill perspective, but from a planning perspective. Regardless, it's a great achievement list for a great game. Do not miss this, it's a real treat!

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The walkthrough for this one is simple: just play the game, don't use a guide, and then once you've completed a full loop, killing all 8 Visionaries, come back and clear everything up. I know that's a weird thing to hear from an intro to a guide, but honestly, if you want to get the best out of Deathloop, it's best if you figure things out yourself (plus, a load of stuff is random and will differ from one player to the next). As long as you follow the in-game questlines and hints, everything should all come together and you should be able to finish your first loop, killing all 8 Visionairies with relative ease - which is the main goal in Deathloop.

From an achievement perspective though, your first runthrough will likely involve (and mostly in this order):
 On top of those, you'll get (more than likely, anyway):
 You'll get other ones, sure, but these are the ones that you are pretty much guaranteed to get.

From a multiplayer perspective, there are only two. They're best off boosted when you've finished a proper run, so grab a friend and knock these two out. Please post in the boosting thread HERE if you're looking for a partner. Sure, you can do them legit, but it'll like take you 10-times as long and honestly, the invading aspect of the game isn't really that cool - yes, I said it. The two achievements are:
The mop-up stage will be where you spend the majority of your time in Deathloop, while going for the full 1000gs.png. Some of the below you will have gotten naturally, but you might not have. As a result, we're going to split them into categories, so that they're easier to track. First things, first, and this is important: DO Play It Again, Colt (15G) IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR FIRST RUN. This is because the achievement description is incredibly misleading.

Then, after that, pick and choose. If you start with the Visionary achievements and work your way down the list, you might inadvertently do a load of the other ones at the same time. Then, when you've done all those, see what you've got left and wrap up the list. Here's a list of all the other achievements:

Visionary achievements:
While Deathloop isn't the easiest achievement list in the world, it's certainly not the hardest. As we said earlier, a lot of the tricky stuff in Deathloop is the planning and the working out the lay of the land. However, we have you covered for absolutely everything below, so it should be a breeze. Again, we do advise you follow the main quests to start with, without much guide help, because that's where a lot of Deathloop's satisfaction comes from. If that's not your bag though, then we can still assist! If you need help at the end, we've got you covered too. Whatever happens, we'll know you'll have an absolute blast! Well, unless one of your achievements bugs out on you... like it did with me. D'oh! Good luck out there!
[XBA would like to thank Webb for this Roadmap]

Deathloop Achievement Guide

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There are 58 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Take out an invading Julianna while playing as Colt.

    Part of the story, before it really opens up, will see an AI Julianna invade Colt’s world – when he returns to his flat at night-time. If you kill Julianna this time, you will net this achievement. I suggest staying in Colt’s flat, at the back wall, and shooting through the open window. You may have to bait her first into appearing.

    If she kills you, on the flipside you can get this throughout the campaign – and through any loop – while playing Deathloop. This can be other players or the AI, depending on your settings. You’ll know when you’re being invaded, as you won’t be able to escape the area until you a.) kill her; and b.) hack the radio antenna.
  • While playing as Julianna, cross Colt off your kill list.


    To get this achievement you quite simply have to kill Colt three times in one map while playing as Julianna. Yes, this time you’re going to ‘Protect the Loop’ in the main menu. You can do this legitimately, but honestly though, we’d recommend teaming up with a friend and boosting this (using the ‘Invade a Friend’s timeline option after the short intro). The boosting thread can be found HERE.
  • Survive all 4 time periods in one day.

    In order to get this achievement, you simply have to survive a day AKA a loop. Nothing more, nothing less. As the name suggests, there are four time periods in one day, and you must make it through night for this achievement. Time is only advanced in Deathloop when you change districts (or if you skip time in the brief between districts). That’s it. You don’t really need to do anything in one day, in truth, just survive until the end. You’ll get this naturally anyway, but if you want to unlock it now, just skip as much time as you can, and/or boot up a map and then quickly exit. Once you've completed a loop, you'll start on the beach again, the next day.
  • Absorb Residuum from a body - like some kind of temporal sponge.

    When you die in Deathloop – after completing the “Ubiquity” quest – you’ll be able to absorb Residuum from bodies. Even yours when you die. Like in Dark Souls, when you die, the place where you died will be a spectral form of your body. Using Reprise means you respawn twice a map, so when you do die, go back to where you died and you can absord the Residuum that were you were carrying on you. Simply go back and absorb it for this achievement.
  • As Colt, kill any Visionary: Frank, Charlie, Fia, Wenjie, Aleksis, Harriet, or Egor.

    You’ll get this as you go, as it just requires you kill any Visionary. It doesn’t matter how or who (other than Julianna, of course), as long as you kill them. You’ll 100% get this if you follow the quest “The Longest Day” and then the arsenal lead, “Ubiquity,” as part of the mission will have you killing a Visionary.
  • Kill each Visionary at least once.

    There are eight Visionaries in all in Deathloop: Egor, Aleksis, Wenjie Harriet, Fia, Frank, Charlie, and Julianna, all of whom move around throughout the day. The best way to approach the game, in truth, is to explore for the first 5-10 hours or so. Find intel, find out who is where and when two or more Visionaries cross paths and so on, and the best way to find this intel is to follow the in-game Visionary leads, and get a feel for the paths that they take throughout the day. The grand master plan will come together as everything makes sense down the line. And in doing all that, you’ll kill each Visionary once, and thus unlock this achievement.
  • Kill Frank using a Slab ability. Take a bow.

    Frank can be found at his compound in Fristad Rock in the morning. To get this achievement you need to kill Frank with a Slab. Easy, right? Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the ClassPass system that removes your Slab abilities when you enter. So then, first things first, you’re going to need to turn it off and get access with your abilities. See the Baby, You're a Firework (30G)  walkthough for how to do that.

    Once you’ve done all that and got access, there’s a few ways to kill him with a Slab. 1. You could equip Havoc and blast him away with your guns. Or 2. You could use Karnesis and combine it with the Slam upgrade and pulverise him to your heart’s content. Your call. Relatively straight forward though.
  • Infuse a Slab.

    When you take down most Visionaries, they will drop a Slab – these are your left bumper special abilities like Shift (AKA Dishonored’s Blink). In order to unlock this achievement you’ll need to fuse the Slab you get from killing a Visionary. You can do this when you exit the map you are currently on and going to the infuse screen. It’ll set you back a fair few pennies (15,000 Residuum), but you’ll get a massive chunk when you take down said Visionary anyway. Infuse it and the achievement is yours.
  • While playing as Colt, own all upgrades for a Slab.

    The Slabs in Deathloop serve as Colt’s powers and can be chopped and changed as you see fit in-between maps. There are six in all: Shift (held by Charlie), Havoc, (held by Fia), Nexus (held by Harriet), Aether (held by Egor) and Karnesis (held by Aleksis) and Fugue (held by the Garbage Collector). All six can be dropped by Julianna when she invades your game too.

    In order to get upgrades for a slab – each Slab has four potential upgrades, two of which can be equipped at one time – you basically need to rekill the person who held the original Slab multiple times. For instance, if you want to fully upgrade Havoc, you’ll need to kill Charlie five times. one to grab the initial Slab, and four times to grab the four upgrades (Backlash, Bulwark, Withdrawal and Euphoria). Of course, if you take down Julianna every time she spawns in, you definitely won’t need to kill a target that many times, because as we said earlier she drops random Slabs when she dies. In my runthrough I actually fully upgraded Havoc having only killed Charlie once, thanks to the Julianna drops. Fully upgrade a Slab and this one is yours.
  • As Colt, use Havoc and inflict a ton of damage to Eternalists.

    As simple as it sounds, this one: equip Havoc, activate it, and decimate some Eternalists in one usage. There’s loads of places throughout Blackreef where loads of Eternalists are hanging around, the following places and times make this super easy:
    • Updaam – Morning – The Library
    • Updaam – Noon – Near Otto’s Workshop
    • Updaam – Evening – Dorsey’s Manor
    Make sure you’re close to the large group of them before activating and then kill as many as you can before your power runs out – boost your power amount with a trinket if you’re struggling.
  • As Colt, transport an enemy onto a mine using Shift.

    In order to get this you’re going to need to get the Swapper upgrade for the Shift Slab. When you go for it, basically drop a proximity mine at your feet, when close to an Eternalist with their back to you, and then just switch places with them. What should result is a nice explosion, a dead Eternalist and you getting an achievement. Not a bad day at the office!
  • As Colt, transmit damage over more than 20 meters using Nexus.

    In order to get this achievement you’re going to need to get the Nexus Slab first from Harriet (Karl’s Bay in the morning). Then, you’re going to want to use your Nexus ability on one goon, and then pick someone quite far away and use it on them too (20 metres as the description suggests). This will connect the two goons. All you need to do then is headshot one of them and they’ll both die, and you’ll get this achievement.
  • As Colt, achieve 3 airborne headshots on enemies you've launched using Karnesis.

    The Karnesis Slab is dropped by Aleksis, who is partying in Dorsey Mansion in Updaam, of an evening – or it’s randomly dropped by Julianna too, of course. Once you have it, you’re going to want to keep grinding out his or Julianna kills until you get the Suspension upgrade, which keeps enemies in the air.

    Once you have Karnesis with the Suspension upgrade, you have everything you need for this achievement. Then you just need to find goons to use it on. When you do and they’re in the air, headshot them. Do this three times and this achievement is yours.

    Few things of note: No, this doesn’t need to be done with three Eternalists in one move. Yes, you can do it to one at a time. However, you will need to make sure all three of these kills are done in the same district in the same time period for them to count.
  • As Colt, use Aether and kill 3 enemies without alerting anyone.

    Fairly simple one, this. First thing you need to do first is to get Aether. This is a Slab that can be looted from Egor’s body after you kill him (night time at The Complex) or a random drop from Julianna. Then, all you need to do is kill three enemies in a row without alerting anyone, whilst using Aether.

    I found this really easy in Updaam at night, heading out the left door at the tunnel. There are three people there talking about a secret. Wait until they stop talking then take them out one-by-one. Use Aether, take out the one on the left. Pop it again, take out the one at the top of the steps. Then finally, pop it one last time and take out the one on the stairs. Super easy. Even easier if you have Aether upgrades equipped too!
  • As Julianna, disguise yourself as Colt using Masquerade.


    Like Nowhere To Hide (15G)  this is another multiplayer achievement. And yes, this can be boosted too. It’s an easy one if you’ve got a friend, as Masquerade is unlocked from the off. To get this achievement just use this ability on Colt himself to make Julianna look like him. When you do this one will unlock.
  • Take 36 different Trinkets into the field with you while playing as Colt.

    This will be something you have to work towards over your time in the game. It basically means that throughout your time in Deathloop you need to use 36 different trinkets. These can be weapon trinkets or character trinkets, doesn't matter. As long as you’re infusing new, unique trinkets as you go, this one should be a breeze either late game or post-final run.

    Per map you can equip 13 different trinkets (nine weapon trinkets and four character trinkets), so if you’re anything like me and only used the same trinkets throughout most the game and are short of this achievement at the end, just attach a load of random and never-used-before trinkets on Colt and spawn somewhere. Once you’ve spawned, escape the map. Rinse and repeat until you're done.
  • Infuse one of each type of weapon.

    There are 13 weapons (five of which are special weapons) in Deathloop, all of which you’ll need to infuse for this achievement to unlock. They include:

    • PT-6 Spiker
    • The Fourpounder
    • Tribunal
    • Strelak Verso (a special weapon which can be looted from the Ordnance Depot)
    • Limp-10
    • The Constancy Automatic (a special weapon looted from killing Frank)
    • Vopat Trencher
    • Strelak 50-50
    • The Heritage Gun (a special weapon you win for completing Charlie’s ‘Reward Scheme’ game in Karl’s Bay at night)
    Large weapons:
    • Rapier
    • MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’
    • Sepulchra Breteira (a special weapon looted from either Julianna or the sniper who tries to kill you outside the Dorsey Manor when you try to open the big gift)
    • HALPS Prototype (a special weapon looted from the lab in the Complex)
    Get all those and infuse them all and you should get this achievement. I say should, as this didn’t unlock for me, even though I’ve got multiple versions of every gun unlocked and infused in my inventory. Annoying!
  • Die in every possible way while playing as Colt.

    There are ten ways to die in Deathloop. Some straightforward, others less so. In order to get this achievement, you need to die each and every one of these ways. Good luck dying out there, folks!
    • Shot by an enemy
    • Killed in an explosion
    • Drown
    • Death by fall damage
    • Stabbed to death
    • Death by poisonous gas
    And now for the more specialist ones:
    • Die by reactor explosion (just get seen while in Fia’s compound (noon at Fristad Rock) and wait for the timer to tick down to nothing)
    • Become mincemeat (fall into Aleksis’ meat grinder in the evening in Updaam)
    • Death by rocket (in Charlie’s lair at noon in Updaam, put the batteries in the rocket and get 2-BIT to activate it, and then stand in its path)
    • Depressurised to death (get spotted by a camera in Wenjie’s lab at The Complex in the afternoon)
  • Equip a loadout worth more than 45100 Residuum.

    All you need to do is equip yourself with the best weapons in the game to get this achievement, with the best trinkets, and fully upgraded Slabs. If my loadout is anything to go by when it unlocked, it’s relatively straightforward to get this one, in truth.

    My loadout was basically: two legendary weapons, one with three rare trinkets; one rare weapon with two uncommon trinkets and a legendary trinket; one maxed out Slab, and one Slab with one upgrade. In terms of character trinkets: I had three rares and one common equipped. So, plenty of room for my loadout to get better, as you can see.
  • Kill a Visionary using a full loadout, without any empty slots, and escape the map.

    As the achievement says, you need a full loadout with no empty slots, which means you need: two Slabs (with two upgrades equipped), three weapons with three trinkets each, and four character trinkets. Set that up, kill a Visionary, escape, and this is yours.

    Couple of quick notes: this isn’t possible with the HALPS Prototype as you can’t equip trinkets; and finally: Egor at night in The Complex is probably the easiest kill (if you’ve not set up Charlie and Fia, that is).
  • Complete one AEON dossier.

    There are loads of AEON dossiers and collectibles dotted throughout Blackreef – sometimes they’re a collection of a articles and such, other times they are one. Find one of these collections and the achievement is yours.

    An easy one to find is in Updaam in the afternoon, near the gate and the mysterious door. This is actually the Horizon Archival Office, and getting access to this building is part of the "Radio Silence" (Beyond The Horizon (30G)) Visionary lead questline, started by investigating the power plant after the handholding has stopped. A document there will lead you here, to this building. In the bathroom, by the bath, is “The Sixty-Second Minute: Julianna Blake” which will give you this achievement.
  • Enter a map with an empty loadout. Kill all Visionaries present. Then leave the map.

    See Silent Disco (15G) for more information.
  • Kill all Visionaries in a map - and make it to the exit - without using a gun.

    See Silent Disco (15G) for more information.
  • Get in and out of a map without being spotted - and kill all Visionaries present.

    This achievement, as well as Mightier Than The Gun (15G) and The G.O.D. of O.S.P. (15G), are best done together on The Complex level at night, as a) there are only a handful of Eternalists that you can easily bypass; and b) the Visionary has his back to you and is an easy takedown if you get to him without setting off any alarms.

    So, first things first, you need to unequip everything. That means: no character trinkets; no weapons and no Slabs. Once you’ve done that, load into The Complex at night.

    Basically, what you need to do is exit the tunnel, to the left, and make your way down the left-hand side of the map (by the icy water). When you come to two turrets above you, hack them and then disable them. Then, move down the left, disabling mines and laser beams as you get to them. Take your time though, as it’s key that you don’t set off the alarm. If you set off a trap Egor is notified and you’ll no longer have an easy stealth kill.

    If, however, you get to Egor who is stood by his machines, without being detected, you can creep up to his back and stealth kill him incredibly easily. Once you’ve done that, make your way back along the same route you just came (because hopefully it’s trap free now) and exit via the tunnel. Once you've done that, this and the other two achievements will unlock. Good luck!
  • Kill all Visionaries present in a map and escape without killing any Eternalists.

    You’ll get this if you’re looking to 100% the game, because of Clean-ish Hands (25G), but if you’re looking to snap this one up earlier, the best way to do it is to head to The Complex at night. As discussed in Silent Disco (15G), Egor will have dismissed most the Eternalists, and he’ll be one of very few on on the map. Stealth through and kill him. Set off the alarms and battle him, doesn't really matter, to be honest. Relatively easy one, in truth.
  • Kill everyone in a time period and escape.

    The easiest place to do the this achievement is definitely The Complex at night. Other than the one Visionary there (Egor), there’s literally only a handful of Eternalists to kill, all of which are by the entrance/exit. Best to kill them last though, so you can kill Egor with ease.

    One warning, do look out for the Eternalist who’s shivering on the floor pretty close to the exit – you’ll hear him moaning - as he's easy to miss (he's part of the Deathday Suit (25G) achievement). Do all that and the achievement is yours.
  • Finish an entire loop while wearing a ClassPass.

    The ClassPass is a system in Deathloop that gives you access to certain areas, but meanwhile strips out your ability to use your Slabs. Eek! In order to get a ClassPass you need to visit a ClassPass dispenser. One of these can be found outside of Frank’s Rambling Rock Club, accessible in mornings at Fristad Rock.

    Technically, you can go there, get a ClassPass, and then go back to the tunnel, then load into a new area, go back to the tunnel, rinse and repeat. You can’t just skip time, you actually have to load into a level. If you’re feeling brave, you can kill Frank, then do that process, or do a whole run without Slabs. The choice is yours. Just remember you have to load into four levels, effectively.

    That said, there are ClassPass doors throughout Blackreef that might be worth a look though when you have it installed, like the one in the basement of Charlie’s place in Updaam, which might give you a keycode to turn off ClassPass at Frank’s club. It does. You'll need that if you want to kill Frank with a Slab for the Power Chord (15G) achievement.
  • After finishing the game once, kill all Visionaries in a map and escape.

    Misleading achievement alert!! This achievement actually requires you to kill Harriet, the next day, after completing the game AKA killing all the Visionaries in a loop. If you start somewhere else or skip time, you’re going to have to do another run where you kill Visionary, unfortunately, and then kill Harriet again to get this achievement. Annoying, I know. But now you know, you should be golden! Good luck.
  • Kill all Visionaries - and no Eternalists - in a single loop.

    Here we are, folks! The biggie! And the last achievement you’ll likely go for! Let’s run you through loadouts first before we move onto anything else.

    First things first, we’re all about mobility with our setup here. The achievement requires you only kill Visionaries and no Eternalists, so combat trinkets are useless for the most part, and will only matter for the Visionary kills. And bear in mind, this isn’t a ghost run either. You can be seen, you just have to hide and reset when you are. For the most part though, you’re going to want to treat it as a ghost run, to make your life easier. A few things before we move on: be careful not to set turrets on Eternalists And if at any point you accidentally kill an Eternalist, just exit to main menu and then click ‘Break The Loop’ and you’ll be able to start that map you were on without having to do the ones you’ve already done in that loop.

    Right! In terms of builds, you’re going to want to go with Shift (with Airborne and Reach upgrades, for distance and mobility) and Aether (with Flicker and Ghost upgrades, so you can hide in plain sight). On top of that, in terms of character trinkets, you’re going to want to equip Juiced Up to boost your power, and Renewable to boost its regeneration. Creeping Death is handy too, to make you quieter, and double jump, for more mobility.

    Weapons wise, it’s your call, really, but I was a big fan of HALPS and the Sepulchra Breteira with “Coiled Snake,” which allowed me to charge up my sniper shots for extra damage. With Aether’s Ghost and Flicker upgrades, you can basically stand in the open and line up super charged headshot from a rooftop, which more often than not killed a Visionary. And if it didn’t, I’d still be invisible after I’d taken my shot because I'm not moving, so could take and line up another right after. Now you’re set! Let’s run you through the schedule of what to do and when (and how) – and having already done a loop, you should be more than aware of what’s to come.

    Karl’s Bay – I found coming out the right entrance and sticking to the beach, using Aether to get past the goons down there was the best way to make it to the fireworks container unsighted (and avoiding the turret). Then, use the code, Jam the Rain Flaps, and then sneak into the hangar that connects to Harriet’s hangar. The left-hand side has a few easy Shift holes that make getting to the top super easy.

    When in Harriet’s hangar, Shift up into the rafters, down onto the plane, and through the lasers. Recoup your energy, sneak downstairs and then power a headshot on Harriet while using Aether. One should do it. If not, be careful and wait for another chance to line up another headshot. When dead, exit the way you came in.

    The Complex – Slightly trickier than normal, this, because of the Eternalists that surround the machine. But basically, you need to grab a nullifer to uncover the machine, and then disable it, then retreat so they lose track of you. When they’ve gone back to their normal patrols, use Aether to get in and put in the code into the machine and hit the button. Then, head to the right for an easy exit.

    Fristad Rock – You’re probably going to want to switch out Aether for Nexus here (just for this mission), so your kill on Charlie and Fia presents no issues. You could, however, keep Aether instead of Nexus and flood the chamber instead. Your call. If you’ve flooded the chamber before and know the route out, then that’s perhaps your safest bet because you can use Aether to get in undetected. And more importantly, out undetected too!

    Updaam – And finally, thanks to Ghost At The Feast (25G), we’re already pretty prepared for this. You should have your stealthy route in, your way to silently kill Aleksis (as per Alpha Burger (15G)) and then you should know the location of Egor and Wenjie. The difference here though is that you won’t have Nexus, you’ll have Aether instead, so you’ll have to kill them the old-fashioned way: with a gun. The powered shot from the sniper rifle and Aether will keep you hidden for killing one. You will just have to wait for things to settle before you kill the final target.

    And finally: make sure [SPOILER] you choose to kill Julianna and jump off the platform, otherwise you won’t get this achievement (because both you and Julianna are Visionaries).
  • Beat Charlie's Wake Up Challenge, Reward Scheme, the Moxie, Haul-A-Quinn, and the Yerhva.

    Throughout Blackreef, Charlie will have set up a load of mini-games that you can get involved in. The good news is, the rewards are actually pretty incredible in some case. Complete all five and you’ll unlock this achievement – and no, they don’t need to be in the same loop.

    Charlie’s Wake Up Challenge – This one takes place in The Complex in the morning. It involves running around (anti-clockwise) The Complex and opening four boxes in under 3-minutes. It’s actually pretty simple when you know where they are – you basically just have to follow the coast and you’ll come across all four:
    • The first is on a beam over-hanging the water to the right of where you spawn (near Egor's lab with the laser beams).
    • The second is near the right-hand part of Wenjie’s lab (just follow the coast from the first).
    • Again, follow the coast around (using Shift, which you should have equipped) past the large wall-like structure on the other side of Wenjie's lab, until you come across a turret protecting a box.
    • And finally, still following the coast, until you come to a bunker. Go in, follow the steps until you come to a door. Hack the antenna to gain access and get the last box.
    Once you’ve done that, head to Updaam at noon to get your prize.

    Reward Scheme – This mini game wants you to open all the boxes in Karl’s Bay at night, and if you do, you get the Super Shifty at the end. This is pretty easy, to be honest, as there’s a map showing you where all the boxes are. There is only really 1 box that can screw a run up (which you should go for first in case you fail it). It’s the box under the overpass, that requires you pull a lever to get access to the bar. Once you do that the timer will start.

    All you need to do is work out the code for the door in a set time. The passcode is graffitied all over the bar. The first is to the right of the door. The other 3 require you to line them up as they are painted on two bits. There are 2 numbers upstairs, one downstairs near the front entrance and 1 near the keypad, like we said.

    Once you’ve got all the boxes, you need to finish a gauntlet run AKA The Fathoms of Lament, to finish Reward Scheme mini-game and get the gun. Don’t worry, you can retry it as many times as you need - both the gauntlet run and the game itself (if you fail the timed box).

    The Moxie – This is an obstacle course in Updaam, available in the afternoon, near the large gate, on the lower part of the area. Now, I’m not quite sure if you have to do both sides for it to register as finished (the game says that doing one per level opens up the next level), but if you do both sides in 2m15s, you unlock a gun. So probably best to do that. Anyway, to make this easy: use Aether for the laser grid course and run right through them; and use Shift for the jumping on lights courses (upgrade it with hover and distance too). Do that and you’ll smash through it with ease (and get a new gun!).

    Haul-A-Quinn – There is a mini-game in Karl’s Bay (right of where you come out the tunnel – left exit) that requires you get 4 parts for the Haul-A-Quinn statue (which you’re best off tackling in the morning, for reasons that will become apparent shortly).

    The four things are: 1. a battery, which can be found in a lookout point on a roof nearby (in the morning) in a turret; 2. a turret case, which can be found near the shore on the catwalk on the way to Hangar 2; 3. a crank wheel, which you can order from the delivery machine (in order to use the delivery machine, you must get the code from Mia’s compound in Fristad Rock at noon – see our Didn't See It Coming (15G) guide to know its exact location), and finally, 4. you’ll need the mannequin’s head, which can be found if you save the poor sap from Harriet in Hangar 2 in the morning, which you do by rushing her, killing her, and then clicking the up-button on the crane, which is on the left wall of where she makes her speech. When you’ve killed her, and saved him, you can go back in the afternoon and his mask store will be open. Grab the mannequin head, and that’s your final piece. You’ll also be able to grab the crank from the delivery spot too, and with it a legendary trinket.

    The Yerhva – And finally! The Yerhva is a quiz, of sorts, that can be found to the right of where you spawn in Karl’s Bay. The quiz will ask you questions about Blackreef. Use this link to get the answers to the quiz, or try and remember the history of the island through trial and error. If you get it wrong, it’s locked out for the loop, so come back on another loop to try again.
  • While playing as Colt, ignite a gas cloud while someone is inside it.

    This is super easy if you managed to infuse Harriet’s Fourpounder pistol, which has a Toxic Haze perk (bullets release gas on impact). All you need to do is shoot an Eternalist, which will then create a gas cloud, which you will then shoot to ignite. Simple!
  • While playing as Colt, use candy to gain a tactical advantage.

    Throughout Blackreef you’ll find a ton of candy machines dotted about that you can interact with, none more so than in Updaam. Basically, all you need to do to unlock this achievement is kick the candy machines to drop a load of candy on the floor, and then lure an unsuspecting Eternalist your way, so that they fall over them. As we said: Updaam is perfect, especially in the morning, as there’s a candy shop on the left in the main street where you come out the tunnel. There’s also a guy in there and two out on the balcony too, who are asking to be lured into your trap.
  • Absorb more than 20000 Residuum in a map.

    The best way to unlock ‘Residual Earnings’ is quite simply on a map where you’ll kill two Visionaries AKA Charlie and Mia, when you've got to that point in terms of progress. Of course, that means moving in after you’ve made the kill to swoop up their Residuum, but thems the breaks. It also means you can pick up both their Slabs too though. I managed this on a test run while trying to take out Harriet, only to be invaded by Julianna. After kill both and absorbing their Residuum, this unlocked.
  • Kill 3 enemies with the machete in 10 seconds.

    This is a lot easier than it sounds. When you undoubtedly alert the everyone in a largely populated area, everyone in the immediate vicinity will rush to your position. If you stand around a corner or on the other side of a door, they will run at you and not know you’re there. Then you just need to spam the right bumper and you should get this fairly easily. This is your last resort out of most overwhelming combat scenarios, which tends to happen more often than not in the early game, so you should get this naturally.
  • Kill the (mostly) naked character in each map.

    Pretty much every map and time of day has a “mostly” naked character i.e. a guy in swimming trunks with boots and a helmet on. If you want this achievement you’re going to have to kill 14 mostly naked guys across 14 different time and map combinations (Karl's Bay at noon and Fristad Rock in the evening do not). Here’s when and where they are, good luck!

    The Complex
    • Morning – In the bunker, in the middle of the road (opposite the entrance to the loop control centre and power plant), he'll be swaying like a drunkard.
    • Noon – Walking near where Egor does his experiment, near a container of sorts.
    • Afternoon – Near the entrance to the level, close to the delivery machine.
    • Evening – Again, near where the one was at noon, on the floor shivering.
    • Morning – To the left of where the RAK and the mysterious door is (if you’re facing the stairs down to the RAK).
    • Noon – Out the back of the candy shop.
    • Afternoon – Dancing in front of the stage in front of Dorsey Manor.
    • Evening – Close to where the afternoon's mostly naked guy was, this time dancing on the speaker.
    Karl’s Bay
    • Morning – Outside the back of Dawn of Reason (near the underpass), in the back alley.
    • Afternoon – In the hangar that leads to Harriet’s hangar (up the stairs).
    • Evening – You’ll find this one in the Aeon Coital Centre near the underpass (the red building).
    Fristad Rock
    • Morning – On the walkway that’s in front of Colt’s security office, down near the water.
    • Noon – Behind the bar at the small lounge of sorts to the right of the entrance to Frank’s club.
    • Afternoon – Same place as where the one was in the afternoon.
  • Oops



    While playing as Colt, cause someone to fall to their death.

    The analog-left.png (press it in) big boot is your friend with this achievement. You simply have to boot someone off a cliff or high ledge and have them die for you to get this achievement. Just creep up behind someone on a precipice and press analog-left.png them without them knowing. By far the easiest way, although you can do it in combat if you’re fighting on a high roof.

    There are loads of places to do this easily and stealthily, but none more so than on the left-hand side of Charlie’s roleplaying island in Updaam (we did it at noon, if that helps). There’s a few guys having a smoke on the edge of the cliffs there, one who is the easiest kill you'll ever get. Do this achievement there if you haven't got it yet.

Secret achievements

  • Complete 'Ending It.'

    Once you’ve done all of the eight Visionary leads, the last Visionary lead will complete 'Ending It.' This requires you kill all eight Visionaries in one loop and complete the game.

    The game pretty much guides you through it at this point, but in case you’ve not worked it out by now or want to jump the gun (which probably isn’t possible without getting the relevant passwords and people into place, in truth) here’s the strategy:
    • Morning – Karl’s Bay – In the morning there are two objectives: 1. Kill Harriet, and 2. Sabotage the fireworks.
    • Noon – The Complex – At noon there is simply one objective: sabotage Ego’s experiment so he attends the party. That means getting the nullifier and disrupting his experiment with the password you got earlier (AKA repeating Egoraphobia (30G)).
    • Afternoon – Fristad Rock – A nice easy one, this. One you’ve already done with Dangerous Liaison (30G): head to the underground bunker and simply kill the lovebirds, Charlie and Fia.
    • Evening – Updaam – This is the biggie. You’ll have four to kill at the party and then you can head to the RAK to go and kill Julianna. I say four, Frank kills himself, so three, really: Egor, Wenjie and Aleksis. If you follow the Ghost At The Feast (25G) guide, you can do this relatively easily though.
    For this run don’t worry about how things go or what loadouts you go with. If it gets messy, deal with it. Just have fun and enjoy the process. I would recommend a silenced pistol and Nexus though, in case things do go south (and it's an easy way to take care of both Charlie and Fia; and Egor and Wenjie.

    We’ll get super nerdy when it comes to the kill all Visionaries and no Eternalists runthrough and be more specific (AKA Clean-ish Hands (25G), but for now: kill the three however you want. It’ll also give you a rough indication of how everything will look as well for that runthrough. Good luck out there!

    One quick note though, if you do struggle and start to run out of Reprises (especially in the evening), it’s probably best to quit and redo that specific time period, rather than to go through everything all over again.
  • Complete 'The Longest Day.'

    ‘The Longest Day’ is your first proper mission in Deathloop. It’s part of the story, which when followed will introduce you to Blackreef, the mechanics and what you need to do to escape. The achievement will unlock when you return to Colt’s safe during the day and get access to the LPP.
  • Complete 'The Ballad of Ramblin' Frank.'

    “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” is a Visionary lead questline that will show in your information hub after you’ve completed the lead called “Chaos Theory.” “Chaos Theory,” a questline that will appear in your options menu after you’ve done the prologue, will see you travel to Karl’s Bay in the morning and follow-up on Harriet. In said mission you’ll learn about Frank and his fireworks, which will of course trigger the questline tied to this achievement.

    There is a slight difference to killing Frank though, as you’ll need ClassPass to get into Frank's building. ClassPass gives you access to ClassPass doors throughout Blackreef, but at the expense of all your Slabs' abilities. While there is a ClassPass dispenser outside of Frank's club in Fristad Rock (in the morning), if you want to make this easier and disable ClassPass for the building then you have to make a few slight adjustments. First things first, use the ClassPass dispenser at the front door and instead of heaing inside, head back to the tunnel and go to Updaam, more specifically Charlie’s place (this strategy will allow you to get Power Chord (15G) as well).

    Once you’ve crossed the bridge to Charlie's place, fight through the courtyard and then as you face the front door, jump up to the left and head around the outside of the building. Do this until you get to a small underpass. About midway through the underpass you'll notice a ClassPass door on your right, and through said door you'll find the code for disabling the ClassPass system, thus making Frank’s club easier. Once you have that, leave the map and restart the day until the next morning.

    Heading back to Fristad Rock, first thing in the morning, instead of getting the ClassPass and going in through the front door, this time you're going to want to head left, down onto the coast, and then follow it around. When you get to the side of the club, Shift up to the roof, then sneak round to the back and drop down. There you will see a hole in the rocks, midway up, which you can climb through and after kicking the vent you'll be next to the ClassPass mainframe machine. Input the code and everything will open for you. All you need to do then is fight through the club until you reach Frank and then kill him - preferably with a Slab power so you can get Power Chord (15G) on your first run.

    Once in, and Frank is dead, and after you’ve rifled through his things, you’ll have to head to Updaam in the morning to find Otto’s Workshop. There, you’ll have to follow five cables, shoot the power mains to stop Otto's Workshop from blowing up, and then returning in the afternoon to get a keycode for the fireworks stash in Karl’s Bay.

    Then, to finish off this questline, head there, unlock the container and choose the option to mess with the flaps. Once you’ve done that, achievement unlocked.
  • Complete 'Lost in Transmission.'

    “Lost in Transmission” is a Visionary lead questline in Deathloop, and is one of the few related to achievements that is unlocked from the off, i.e. once you’ve completed the prologue and the handholding ceases.

    In this quest you’ll basically have to take down Egor’s project and disable his array to force him to go to Aleksis' party. That means: 1. Going to The Complex at night and discovering Egor’s plan; then 2. Heading back to The Complex and sabotaging it before the party, forcing Egor to go to said party and not miss it because of his amazing discovery. Genius.
  • Complete 'Afternoon Delight.'

    After finishing the “Space Invader” Visionary quest, “Afternoon Delight” will become available in the Visionary leads screen in the options menu. It requires you heading to Fia’s bunker, grabbing some intel and cracking a code. It’s relatively straightforward, in truth, but can be a little tricky, especially early on.

    When in Fia’s bunker it is imperative that you take her out first, as if you alert the guards, she will trigger a reactor explosion that will end the loop. You are advised to go for Didn't See It Coming (15G) at the same time – which you get for killing Fia before she can blow the place to hell. For strats on how to get in and out relatively easily, check the achievement guide for Didn't See It Coming (15G).

    When in the bunker, hopefully after you've killed Fia and all her goons, you’re going to want to search for four pictograms - AKA bits of wall art. These are different for every person, so guides are relatively useless here. What I will say is a few things: 1. Each pictogram has a clue with it, so check your Visionary leads page for said clue. 2. All the pictograms have red backgrounds, which makes them stand out. And finally, a few bits of advice for the trickier ones: there’s one in the elevator shaft, midway up; there’s one under the truck near the tire cage; there’s one in the tire cage; there’s one in the room underneath the camera (opposite the tire cage) and the rest are relatively out in the open, near to the painting on the floor in the main area.

    And then finally, when you have all four pictograms (which is basically a cipher) you’ll have to head back to Fristad Rock, crack the code to get in, and once you get to the bottom of the elevator shaft, and into the main area, the achievement will unlock.
  • Complete 'What Wenjies Want.'

    “What Wenjies Want” is a Visionary lead questline in Deathloop, that will show up in your Visionary leads page after you finish the “Space Invaders” Visionary questline – which shows up automatically after the prologue.

    It requires that you go to The Complex in the afternoon and search through Wenjie’s quarters. After finding a clipboard stuck to a whiteboard and reading through her messages on her computer, you’ll then have to head to speak to 2-BIT, Charlie's AI computer that can be found at noon in Updaam.

    After speaking to 2-BIT you’ll discover he needs a voice sample of Aleksis to make the plan work. In the evening, you’ll then be required to snoop on Aleksis to get a voice recording. While snooping through Aleksis’ belongings on the top floor of the Doorsey Manor, you’ll find out that Julianna has delivered a safe to the library all while nabbing the code for said safe.

    If you head back to Updaam at noon, and head to the library, you'll find the safe in question and find out it contains a recording of Aleksis in the form of a statue. Get the statue from there to 2-BIT and this achievement will unlock. Bear in mind, this statue talks really loudly, so you might want to clear a route there first.
  • Complete 'Radio Silence.'

    The “Radio Silence” Visionary lead questline is given after the player completes the prologue and suggests players investigate the power station in The Complex. If you head there, put batteries in the generators, and then head back upstairs, you can open the first HZN door (of which there are four around Blackreef). There you will learn of the Horizon Archival Offices in Updaam (near the large gate at the beginning of the level). If you head to Updaam in the afternoon, the shutter will be open and you can gain access (also, keep an eye out for a dossier so you can unlock Know Your Enemy (10G)).

    In the offices you’ll learn the password for the mysterious door around the corner (take a right out the front door of the offices an down the stairs to find this door) which will then give you access to a new place. Here you will learn the code for the dial in the power plant (where you first turned on the power for the first HZN door).

    If you head back to the power plant, you can now turn on the power for the three other doors dotted around Blackreef. Open these 3 doors (doesn’t have to be in one day, mind) and you'll get all three passwords, which will get you through the triple-password door inside the mysterious door in Updaam. Ping. Achievement unlocked. You don’t have to do anything else but open the door and watch the brief cutscene for the achievement to unlock.
  • Escape to Updaam.

    This one is story-related. You’ll get this achievement for completing the tutorial and passing through the gate. After putting the code into the first gate you come across, after completing your first loop, you’ll get access to a new area and get this achievement.
  • After acquiring Reprise, die for real - or what passes for real in the Loop.

    This is a simple achievement that basically means: die. That doesn’t mean die and use the Reprise. It means die and end that specific loop. Relatively straight forward: just die and restart the loop as a result. This will probably come naturally. If not, you know what to do.
  • Kill Aleksis using his meat grinder.

    This is actually the easiest and cleanest way to kill Aleksis. All you need to do for this one is head to the Dorsey Manor in Updaam in the evening, and then make your way into the large room where people are periodically going up to the mic and making jokes. If they suck, they get dropped into the pit. You need to drop Aleksis into this pit.

    First things first, you’re going to want to approach this from the roof, so you can dilly dally and observe on the hanging lights and rafters. Secondly, you’re going to need to have Shift and preferably Aether equipped. This means you can be in and out without being seen. Next, it’s a waiting game. At some point, roughly 4 or 5 minutes, Aleksis will come to the stage to make his joke. But who is Aleksis, you ask? Well, there are a few things that give him away: his black suit (I’ve only ever seen him wear black), his dual golden uzis, and if you use Focus (down on the d-pad) and analyse him, it’ll make some comment how he uses people.

    Right, now you know that, the most important thing: the button! If you’re in the rafters or on the lights up top, the button is on the left (if you’re looking at the stage) behind the large red panels that you’ll see as arrows with lights on them. As you look at them, the button can be found on the reverse of the signs, the far right end of them. Maybe familiarise yourself with where it is before Aleksis turns up.

    Then, it’s a matter of pushing the button when he’s on stage. Do that, get this achievement.
  • Kill Harriet with poisonous gas.

    The ‘Judgement Day’ trophy is neither fun nor rewarding. In fact, it’s straight up annoying, so bear that in mind before you try this. Unlike all the specific achievements related to killing a Visionary, this one isn’t cool or unique, at all. And requires some work to get it setup.

    There are a few different ways you can try this, depending on what you have available:
    • The obvious one is to kill Harriet on a loop (she's in Karl’s Bay in the morning), get her gun which shoots poison rounds, infuse it, then kill her with that the next day. This one is annoying though as you or she can inadvertently ignite the gas or she could run out the cloud meaning you need to reposition. To keep her there, try a few shots in the leg, or try Karnesis while she's in the small cubby hole where she makes her speech (or if she’s not in there, shoot the gas under her while she’s in the air). Karnesis and the leg shot will be your best shot at keeping her in the gas cloud.
    • You can also try equipping the trinket that doesn’t make gas harmful to you (Steel Lungs) and then using Switch’s Swapper upgrade while you're stood in the gas.
    • You can also silently take out the goons nearby and try and bait her out her office, into the main area. When she’s there you can boot her over the edge into the gas below.
    • And kind of combining the two together: you can use the Swapper upgrade for the Switch to manoeuvre her outside her office so you can either boot her over; or similarly, Swapper her into the gas below when you’re stood in it. For that you need the Steel Lungs turquoise or purple exemplar trinket attached.
    Good luck with this one, folks. It’s stupidly annoying. With those tips though you should find a way that suits you though.
  • Kill Charlie within the rules of Condition Detachment.

    There are a few steps that you need to do in order to set up this achievement, as is the case with Deathloop and its cool and varied kills.

    First things first, head to Fristad Rock in the afternoon and establish the uplink with 2-BIT at the station next to the big hole in the ground (just underneath where Julianna’s antenna will be when she spawns there). Once you’ve gone to the computer you’ll need to then hack a satellite dish (as shown on the map above the computer, and yes, this is random for everyone). Then, you need to head to that place on the map, hack a satellite dish, and then protect the three dishes in that area from an onslaught of enemies. Make sure you’re locked and loaded for this one, as it can get super crazy - bring a turret with you if you can, maybe two if you can find them! Once you’ve protected the satellite dishes, head back to the uplink station and select the top option (to do with 2-BIT debug mode).

    After that, head back to Charlie’s place in Updaam, at noon, and then speak to 2-BIT on the second floor (in the sci-fi area, behind a metal gate you need to hack). You’ll now be allowed to set Charlie as the invader, and as a result the other Eternalists will kill him for you. Achievement unlocked. Simple as that.
  • Kill all versions of Wenjie within a 90-second period. Simple.

    If you head to The Complex in the afternoon, Wenjie the Visionary will be home, ripe to take down. In fact, she’s probably the first Visionary you’ll come across as she's part of the first proper questline you get given. You’ll quickly notice she’s not normal though, and there are in fact 15 versions of her. In order to get this achievement, you need to kill all 15 in 90 seconds. Quite when the timer starts, we’re not sure, but we assume it’s when the first one goes down.

    The strat is simple: grab your preferred guns (we recommend a Strelak 50-50, the HALPS and the MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’) and load them up with your best trinkets. Trinkets like quicker down-sight movement will assist the HALPS, while more accurate hip-fire will assist the Pepper Mill and the Strelak. From a Slabs perspective, Shift (for mobility) and Havoc (well, for havoc) are the two go-to ones, for sure! Although switching out Havoc for Nexus is a perfectly viable strategy as well. When you’re suited and booted, you’re ready.

    The most important aspect of this achievement is your route: you’re basically going to want to start in the left-hand lab entrance (where the HALPS is) and kill the three Wenjies in there. Then, you’re going to want to hit the main room and firstly concentrate on the Wenjies upstairs. Then, when they’re done kill everyone of them on your way to the bottom to kill the pair in the backroom. Then, your final port of call is the side lab (above Wenjies’ quarters). You’ll very unlikely not get it on your first attempt, so if you don’t, head back to the main menu and then try again.

    A couple of notes: the Havoc upgrade where damage you inflict heals you is very helpful. Also, pay attention to the balls of light that fall out of a Wenjie as they’ll link to a nearby Wenjie. After a while you’ll start to get red crosshair symbols on your HUD too, so pay attention to them, and finally, shoot the cameras down ASAP so you won’t get depressurised. Do all that and you should be golden.
  • Kill Egor while he's under the influence of a nullifier.

    In order to kill Egor while under the effects of the nullifier, you need to head to The Complex at night. If you’ve got Shift, this should be fairly easy.

    Basically, make your way down the left-hand side of the map, disabling the turret, and shifting through the lasers and past the mines, until you reach where Egor is performing his experiments – by now hopefully you’ll have already done Egoraphobia (30G) as that really helps you navigate the environment and know where everything is. Egor will be stood next to the invisible equipment that you encounter in that mission.

    If you get here unseen, there are loads of nullifier briefcases everywhere. Simply deploy one and get ready to pepper him when he realises what you’ve done. If he escapes that nullifier field and goes invisible, just start picking up briefcases and deploying them. Then, when he’s in one, start firing to kill. If he dies in the nullifier field, you’ll get this achievement. If he doesn't, back out to main menu and try again.
  • Kill Fia without causing a deadly reaction.

    In order to get this achievement, you basically need to stealth your way through Fia’s compound in Fristad Rock at noon. This is actually a little tricky, because if you get seen in the bunker, and other Eternalists are alerted, well, so is Fia who sets off a countdown, which can end the loop.

    What you need for this is: a silenced pistol (or any silenced weapon, if you can) and Shift. The rest is trial and error. If you can initiate the Visionary lead “Afternoon Delight” as well, that would be help.

    First things first, exit the tunnel, shoot the four Eternalists – two straight ahead, two by the booth (without alerting anyone, of course). You then want to head right, behind the large structure, and make your way through the trucks and into the compound. Few things to note: there are a load of mines and trip wires here, you can work out where they are and avoid them; or you can shoot them (which does alert enemies, but won’t set off the reactor explosion). Our strat was to snipe the two guys sat on high above the bunker, and then Shift our way across from the top of one truck to another. We then went in through the top door and down the elevator shaft.

    While inside you can silenced kill the first six or so people (in pairs) in the main structure. Just stay close to cover and only shoot when you have a guaranteed headshot. The ideal route into Fia’s chambers is taking the left path under the camera (which you hack - on the walkway that leads into the main room) and going in via the showers.

    After taking the left-hand path, you end up in the room where the code for your Blackreef delivery machines are (it’s on the white board). If you shoot the glass on the right, and Shift across the corridor, you’ll end up in the showers. There are two guards here. One who stands with their back to you on the left, and the other who is sat down and can be headshot with ease.

    Next, you need to get through the compound into her quarters. I found baiting enemies into the showers was the best solution as there are more than a few here. It's worth bearing in mind that yes, the exclamation marks can go red, but if they do you have to kill them quick enough so Fia isn’t alarmed.

    When the top route is clear, make your way through to the back (hacking the camera as you turn the corner at the far wall). That back corridor basically has two doors that lead to Fia's quarters and her office. She's in a room in-between those two rooms.

    When in the room adjacent to hers, it’s key to use quick door peeks (and a down tag if you can) and listen to the sound of her steps. She basically walks around the room. If you can time it right you can wander into the room and hit right bumper and take her down with ease. If you do this correctly, you'll get the achievement.

    While you’re here, it’s worth doing “Afternoon Delight” as well (AKA Dangerous Liaison (30G)), which is why we mentioned it earlier. Check the achievement guide for that achievement for more insight on how to complete that.
  • Kill Charlie and Fia with a single bullet.

    There is a lot of background work for this achievement, but it’s relatively straightforward for the most part. It's essential to completing the game, to be honest, and involves multiple steps.

    First things first, follow the “Space Invader” Visionary lead questline, because it’ll take you to the point that Charlie and Fia meet, in order to do this achievement. It basically goes like this:
    • Head to Upstaad at noon
    • There you’ll ransack Charlie’s quarters and learn that he and Fia had a thing (you’ll need to find the photo of them together).
    • Then you will kill him.
    • Then you will go to Fristad in the afternoon.
    • There you will find the secret lovebird nest, which is locked by a code.
    This will then trigger the “Afternoon Delight” Visionary questline (AKA Dangerous Liaison (30G)), which you then need to follow. In this you’ll basically need to head to Fristad Rock at noon and seek out 4 pictograms. For more info on how to get into Fia’s fortress, check out Didn't See It Coming (15G). For more info on the pictograms, see Dangerous Liaison (30G).

    And then finally, you need to go back to the bunker and take them out, using the code and the cipher to get into the secret lovebirds' nest (basically, find the numbers that match the pictogram symbols and their order, as found in the pause menu). Bit of background is needed first, before you do that. Before you head to Fristad in the afternoon, you need to do two things:
    1. You’ll ideally need a sniper rifle, due to the sheer power of it. If you can get the one that Julianna drops or the sniper rifle in Updaam that the sniper drops when you go for the big gift (he’s in the baker’s), even better (the Sepulchra Breteira, incidentally, is the one you want).
    2. Have Nexus unlocked and equipped.
    Once you have those things head to the bunker in Fristad (again, in the afternoon) and kill those suckers with one bullet by using Nexus on them, and then killing one of them with a headshot. The sniper rifle guarantees an incredibly quick and painless double death. Once you do that, achievement unlocked. Nothing better than two dead Visionaries and a shiny new achievement.

    If you’ve gone to Fristad in the afternoon and neither Charlie or Mia are there, there is a simple explanation to this. You literally did it the same loop that you killed Mia in previously. Come back in another loop. I know this because I literally did it, ha!
  • Kill 3 targets at Aleksis' party without being seen and then leave Updaam.

    The three targets that the achievement list refers to are Aleksis, Wenjie and Egor. The latter two need to be forced to appear there, so you’ll need to do that background work first.

    In terms of Wenjie, if you follow her “What Wenjies wants” questline (An Offer She Can't Refuse (30G)), she’ll appear at the party. Once you’ve done that, she’s there every loop.

    As for Egor, complete his “Lost In Transmission” questline (Egoraphobia (30G)) to know what you need to do to get him to the party. Unlike Wenjie though, you’ll need to initiate this by sabotaging his experiment every loop you want him at the party by heading to The Complex at noon.

    Then, as for the evening in Updaam, it’s not actually too hard when you’ve worked out your route. For Aleksis, you drop him in the meat grinder, as explained in the Alpha Burger (15G) achievement guide. And with Wenjie and Egor, the two can be found on the roof together after you've killed Aleksis. All you need to do is Nexus them together (with all of the Eternalists too, as you can't be seen) on the roof using the Nexus’ Influence upgrade and then headshot one of the guards. Easy, right? Well, yes and no. That bit is, but finding the route to and from the Dorsey Manor is the trickiest part.

    Three big points of note:
    1. You can kill as many people as you like, so long as you aren’t seen.
    2. If you see a red exclamation mark your run is over, so exit to the menu and then click continue and you’ll start at the beginning of your evening run in Updaam.
    3. If Julianna turns up, try and avoid her, obviously, and sneak around to hack the antenna.
    The route you basically want to take is down the main street to the left, creeping up the left-hand side of the stage in front of the library. Where the two cams are, go up and over and then follow the cliff-line (with Charlie’s place on your left). Then, head diagonally over the top of the baker’s and Shift up and walk along the top of the railings holding up the large red banners, which line the path to the entrance to Dorsey Manor (where the security guards are). Then head onto the roof.

    From the roof you head to the far left and enter through the door at the top of the main building. Here you kill Aleksis with the grinder and then retreat back the way you came and then head to Wenjie and Egor (following the red icons on your HUD). Then, Nexus them all together. Bosh. All dead.

    Now it’s time to escape. Firstly, watch out for the Eternalists on the roof tops close-by. Head back using as high a ground as possible, preferably along the route you came in on. If you have to detour to hack the antenna, do that.

    It’s honestly not that hard when you’ve carved out your run and worked out where you need to go. Good luck!
  • Enter 0451 at a keypad.

    You can get this achievement just after you drop in for the first time, just after grabbing your hacking device. After you hack the door you can then use the code 0451 on the door directly ahead. In truth, there are loads of keypads that need codes that you'll come across while playing Deathloop, the one I just mentioned is just the first you come across. Every time you need to leave a district you’ll need to use a keypad, so like I said, loads of them.
  • Kill the Garbage Collector and acquire the Fugue slab.

    Early on when landing in Karl’s Bay, you’ll hear a rumour about Frank throwing away his Slab. That Slab is Fugue, a Slab that sends the target into a state of intoxication. To get this, head to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon, head right out of the tunnels towards the coastline, then head left until you reach some stairs up (at the base of the large warehouse there). Pull a 360 there and the garbage disposal facility will be directly behind you.

    If you head down, all the way to the bottom, you’ll come across three doors to open. On the right of those is a wall you can see through and shoot the door button to open one of them. Once you do, all-out war will commence, as Gabe, the Garbage Collector, will be coming for you. Simply kill him and the Fugue Slab is yours. Get ready for a battle though, and go for meaty headshots, all while watching for the minions he attracts that come at you from all angles. Bear in mind the HALPS Prototype laser gun doesn’t seem to do any damage here either. Good luck!
  • Acquire the HALPS Prototype and disintegrate a Visionary.

    The HALPS Prototype is a laser gun that can be found in The Complex area of Blackreef, in a small set of labs that connects to the main lab. If you go in the morning when Wenjie isn’t there, you’ll have a much easier go of it.

    When in the lab (on the left that connects to the massive main lab), in the far room is a contraption, with the laser clearly inside. To get the HALPS Prototype, firstly pull the left lever, then the right lever, and then stand behind the gun – so that the laser beam hits the case housing the laser gun.

    First things first, make sure you have a Reprise left for the day when you do this, as this will kill you. Secondly, sure, it kills you, but it also unlocks the gun so you can go back and pick it up after you die. The next move throughout the rest of the day will be then to make sure you get 9,000 Residuum so that you can infuse it.

    And then lastly, you’re going to want to kill a Visionary with it. Whoever it is, is your call. I personally did it on an invading Julianna, but it works with any of them - Harriet in the morning is an easy target too if you can sneak into the back room without setting off the main alarm. It makes very, very quick work of them, and is a great weapon you can use throughout.
  • Use the experimental machine in Karl's Bay to craft a doubly-powerful trinket.

    As you come into Karl’s Bay and exit the tunnel, to your left you’ll see a graffiti artist spraying a wall that says “Forever Young” on it, with ‘young’ crossed out and drunk being graffitied over the top. Take out the graffiti artist, and the guy on the right inside that building. Near the now dead Eternalist is an audio recording that says there’ll be an experiment carried out in the afternoon. That’s your cue to leave and come back in the afternoon.

    When you come back to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon, the entire scene will begin with a bang (literally) as Eternalists storm the shack and kill the scientists. Inside you'll notice that everything will have changed completely. After dealing with the Eternalists who killed the scientists, you can snoop around. If you listen to the audio recording, it’ll tell you what to do.

    Basically, you have to take the portable harvester that's left lying around, and absorb as much Residuum as you can around the map. How much you absorb depends on what trinkets you get at the end. If you manage to fill it – which is possible, because I managed it, although I did have to clear out the whole map – you’ll get 3 legendary trinkets. 3! Sure, it's definitely worth trying to fill it up, but you can finish the mission with whatever amount of Residuum you want.

    When you've had enough, or got enough, return to the machine, put in the portable harvester and get your trinket, but more importantly, get an achievement.
  • Kill an Eternalist with a Paint Bomb.

    Throughout Blackreef you’ll come across a type of Eternalist that throws paint bombs at you. To get this achievement you need to kill an Eternalist with one of those paints bombs. So, first things first, we found this easiest to do in Karl’s Bay in the morning, in the big warehouse that connects to where Harriet is. There’s a few reasons for this: 1. there's loads of enemies there; and 2. loads of enemies with paint bombs as well.

    First things first you’re going to need to kill one of these Eternalists (or even two) - you'll know which ones they are as they have some weird hue around them. Once they’re dead they'll drop their paint bombs - which you can pick up and move.

    What you need to do then is create a pile of them, a trap of sorts, one that you can lure an Eternalist into it. Once you have your pile, you’re going to want to go upstairs and get spotted – or shoot your unsilenced gun to bring them to you. Then, when the Eternalist is close to the pile, shoot the paint bomb and set off a chain reaction – which will hopefully kill them. You’ll probably have to turn off the auto aim for this, as it’ll pull onto the enemy, but that’s the best way to get ‘Postmodern Abstractionism.’ If you fail, end the map and try again.

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