S級ジャンパー Achievement in DeathsmilesⅡX

  • S級ジャンパー




    How to unlock S級ジャンパー

    Go to Extra -> Tukaima Race. Just jump 1000 times. You might get this by playing the story mode several times for other achievements. If you don't, start up any level with very tight corridor and just jump straight up until the achievement unlocks.

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  • Does anyone know the specifics for this achievement? I unlocked one of the jump 1000 time achievements but not this one.
  • At a guess the one you unlocked was the "jump into walls 1000 times" achievement (it's the one with the icon of the upside down bat over the 1000), you can actually hit the wall several times in 1 jump so that'll pop before this one.

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