- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 24 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0 [0gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: ~10 hours for 1 playthrough, ~14 hours if doing 2 [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 3 - Academy of Umbrellas (100G), Hot Pot (25G), Meal for a King (25G) 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Time to wake up, little crow. Welcome to Death's Door, a lovely little "soulslike" with simple but engaging gameplay, a beautiful story and well-designed levels that make getting all 24 achievements a complete joy.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Your first step will be deciding if you want to go for the Academy of Umbrellas (100G) achievement on your first run, which will require you to complete the game using only the umbrella as your weapon. This makes the game a bit more difficult as your melee damage will be cut in half (0.5 vs. 1 for the Reaper's sword), but realistically it is nothing that will make you pull your hair out, as the lack of damage can be compensated by either leveling your melee stat or going all in on magic damage. Also, you'll miss out on using some of the cool weapons you get, but it's your choice! See the Academy of Umbrellas (100G) description for more information.

Playthrough 1:
Assuming you want to knock everything out in a single playthrough you'll want to do nothing before sprinting to grab the umbrella - don't even swing your sword in the hub which some people have said will negate the achievement - and then complete everything the game has to offer. There are two missable achievements other than Academy of Umbrellas (100G): Hot Pot (25G) & Meal for a King (25G) which take place during two boss fights you'll encounter as you play. Everything else can be mopped up after the game is completed, so either follow the video guides referenced in the individual achievement descriptions as you play through or explore freely and mop up at the end.

Playthrough 2 (If Desired):
If you don't want to limit yourself to the umbrella on your first playthrough, it's fairly quick to speed-run the game with the umbrella, only worrying about key story elements and collectables you find along the way. The game isn't that difficult to start with, and once you understand where to go and how to solve puzzles the second playthrough can be done in 3 or 4 hours.

If you missed any shiny things, seeds, pots, or shrines there are a plethora of video guides to help you find them which are linked below and in the respective achievements. Some are fairly well hidden, so don't feel bad utilizing the resources at your disposal. Notably, the game provides some help when mopping up by highlighting doors with a red outline if there are still objectives within, and finding the shiny thing "Rusty Garden Trowel" will help you narrow down seeds you may have missed while Pothead will guide you towards pots that are missing seeds at the end of the game.

All-in-all, Death's Door has quite a few collectable-related achievements, but fortunately the gameplay is enjoyable enough and the world beautiful enough that exploring every nook and cranny is more enjoyable than a slog.
[XBA would like to thank Lavish Greed for this Roadmap]

Death's Door Achievement Guide

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Beat the game

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Simply progress through the story, and as you wrap up the final boss fight this will unlock.
  • Beat the game only ever using an umbrella as your melee weapon


    As soon as you get off the bus refrain from pressing button-x.png and swinging your sword, as there are some who say doing so even here will negate this achievement. Before you do anything else head through the metal-detector, up the stairs through the first cutscene, then take the west stairs up three times to find the umbrella lying against a lightpost. Equip this immediately by pausing, tabbing over to your weapon menu and selecting the umbrella instead of the reaper's sword. Reference the image below for it's location, or use the video. For the rest of your run you'll be staying dry with this weapon that has the same stats as the sword execept for half the damage, so good luck!

  • Feed the Frog King an explosive treat


    During the second phase of your fight against the Frog King he will tilt up the floor you're standing on begin inhaling floor tiles and/or you. As soon as this animation begins start charging your bomb spell and when he begins to inhale chuck the bomb into his mouth to unlock this achievement.
  • Set Grandma's pot on fire


    During your fight with Grandma, after a damage threshold she will jump into her pot and begin trying to crush you. After dodging for a few moments the pot will tilt sideways and begin shooting purple projectiles in a circle - time a shot from your fire spell so that it hits the open-end of her pot to unlock this achievement.
  • Upgrade the fire ability

    This can be unlocked as soon as you get the fire spell if you so choose by heading back to the entrance of the Estate of the Urn Witch and clearing out cobwebs with your fire spell that previously blocked your path. You will have to defeat a mini-boss through the upgrade door, which will give you the upgraded fire spell that adds a damage-over-time effect to the spell - burn baby! Reference this video at 2:27 to find the location:

  • Upgrade the bomb ability

    This can be unlocked as soon as you get the bomb spell if you so choose by heading back to the Lost Cemetery and destroying a cracked wall underneath a bridge you cross on the east side of the cemetery. You will have to defeat a mini-boss through the upgrade door, which will give you the upgraded bomb spell that prevents you from damaging yourself with the bombs - safety first! Reference this video at 4:53 to find the location:

  • Upgrade the hookshot ability

    This can be unlocked as soon as you get the hookshot spell if you so choose by heading back to The Stranded Sailor and, taking the path back towards the cemetery use your new hookshot to cross the water. You will have to defeat a mini-boss through the upgrade door, which will give you the upgraded hookshot spell that allows you to swing your sword while pulling yourself towards an enemy - smashing! Reference this video at 0:02 to find the location:

  • Upgrade the arrow ability

    This can be unlocked only after acquiring all four spells and heading towards a cob-webbed blocked door near the Lost Cemetary door. You will have to defeat a mini-boss through the upgrade door, which will give you the upgraded arrow spell which allows you to charge your arrow for more damage! Reference this video at 7:27 to find the location:

  • Listen to Barb's magnum opus

    After gaining access to the Stranded Sailor on your way up the mountain to fight the big beasty everyone keeps talking about you'll find barb the bard standing next to a wall you must destroy with your bomb spell, and talking to him will reveal he's heading up the mountain to write his best song yet. You will run into him multiple times as you progress through the story, but to unlock this achievement you must return to him at The Stranded Sailor after defeating the mountain baddy and listen to his "Mangum Opus." Of note, he will sleep during the night so ensure your world is set to day for this.
  • Gain a devoted fan

    In the room with the Mushroom Dungeon door you'll see a character name "Clever Grunt" behind a breakable stone wall. Returning here after you defeat the Frog King and freeing him with a bomb spell will send him to The Stranded Sailor, where you can speak to him to unlock this achievement.
  • Max out any of the 4 stats

    Easy as it sounds: choose the stat you're most interested in (probably best to do melee or magic damage) and ensure you prioritize leveling it up when you can. You can make this more difficult on yourself if you don't max one out before getting towards the end of the game as you may have to farm souls to get the required 1500 for the final upgrade, so knocking this out early will benefit you.
  • Purchase 12 stat upgrades

    There are plenty of souls to be earned as you progress through the game, simply ensure you're focusing on at least one to unlock Specialist (25G) and this will easily be earned.
  • Collect all shiny things

    Shiny things (of which there are 24 in total) are one of collectable categories found through the game, one of which is required for story progression and another two are required for the true ending. The remaining 21 can be found simply by exploring while you progess, using the below video guide while you play, or utlizing the red-outlined doors to guide you towards missed collectables in your post-game mop up.

  • Collect all weapons

    There are five total weapons to collect for this achievement. In addition to your starting reaper's sword there are four weapons found throughout the game that have different attack styles and strengths:

    Reaper's Sword (Starting Weapon) - x1 damage, x3 swings, x2.5 range, x0.4 swing time
    Discarded Umbrella (Hall of Doors) - x0.5 damage, x3 swings, x2.5 range, x0.4 swing time
    Rogue Daggers (Estate of the Urn Witch) - x0.8 damage, x6 swings, x1.8 range, x0.35 swing time
    Thunder Hammer (Mushroom Dungeon) -x1.15 damage, x2 swings, x2.5 range, x0.5 swing time
    Reaper's Greatsword (The Stranded Sailor) - x1.25 damage, x2 swings, x3 range, x0.5 swing time

    The exact locations can be found referencing the video below.
  • Zen



    Find all shrines

    The 16 shrines are split, 8 for vitality and 8 for magic, which provide you with an extra health and mana pip when you acquire 4 of each respective type. They are spread through the entire world, and some are quite well hidden so utilize the video guide below if you're struggling to find one:

  • All seeds collected and planted

    There are a total of 50 life seeds and an associated pot (for a total of 100 collectibles needed for this achievement) for each one throughout the game that provide the healing mechanic as you play. Following the video guide below will be the most painless way of making sure you find every seed and pot as you go, though there is a helpful but time-consuming way to clean this up post-game. After accessing the secret garden referenced in Plot Head (25G) you will find the shiny thing "Rusty Garden Trowel" which, when the world is night, will glow in your menu if there are seeds still to be found in the area. At the same time Pothead, who will also be in the garden, will tell you the rough location of a pot without a seed, although he will only tell you one-at-a-time which depending on how many you missed will require multiple trips back to the Estate of the Urn Witch to talk to him.

  • Have a gang of 10+ forest spirits follow you

    Forest spirits are the little green flowers that spawn after you plant a life seed and return to the area, and for this you need to have at least 10 following you at a single time. I found this easiest near the end of the game to wander around the Estate of the Urn Witch which has plenty of pots and forest spirits to wrangle. That being said, there are multiple locations for this to be achieved.
  • 100% Complete the game

    In order to "100%" complete the game you must:
     Each of these conditions has their own specific achievement, so likely this will be the last one you earn.
  • Accept Jefferson's Soup

    After arriving at The Stranded Sailor, simply walk into the ship (it has the bright neon-blue fish on it) and respond "yes" when Jefferson offers you some delicious soup.
  • Get a forest spirit through security.

    As you progress through the game forest spirits will begin their invasion in The Hall of Doors. When you see one standing on the ground willing to follow you simply have it follow you back to the metal detector you walked through at the start to unlock this.

Secret achievements

  • Take a midnight stroll with Jefferson

    This can only be done after completing the game and gaining the ability to turn the world to night. After defeating the final boss, returning to arena will reveal a key left where he died - taking this key to the locked belltower in the Lost Cemetery will allow you to ring the bell and turn day to night. After doing so, head to The Stranded Sailor and head into the ship to find Jefferson in the fish bowl on your left. Speak to him and after he hops on your back this will unlock.
  • Access Pothead's secret garden

    On the northwest side of the Estate of the Urn Witch you will find a 5x5 board of pots of which 5 need to be broken in a specific order to access Pothead's secret garden. The solution is found on the back of the "Old Photograph" shiny thing found in the manor, though you can also use the graphic below as it's oriented if you're looking at it from the entrance to the area or the video below to solve it.


  • Meet with 3 owls

    After turning the world to night as referenced in the A Stroll with Jefferson (25G) achievement three owls will spawn in the game. When in an area with an owl you will hear them occasionally "hooting," and one is located each in: Estate of the Urn Witch, Overgrown Ruins, and The Old Watchtowers. Finding these three owls is a step in completing A True Ending (100G). Use the guide below if you're having trouble.

  • This achievement will require quite a bit of work after you complete the main storyline, requiring you to find 7 "Ancient Tablets of Knowledge," some of which require lengthy steps to unlock:
    1. Pink Tablet - Pieced together by finding the three owls referenced in In Caw-Hoots (25G) 
    2. Red Tablet -  Jefferson the squid, the key player in A Stroll with Jefferson (25G), will take you to this tablet while he's on your back after a little adventure across the game world
    3. Blue Tablet - Behind a door unlocked by lighting the six torches found around The Old Watchtowers at night with your fire spell
    4. Yellow Tablet - Found after defeating four waves of enemies in a chest near the entrance of the Overgrown Ruins
    5. Green Tablet -  Behind the door in Pothead's secret garden, opened after finding and planting all 50 life seeds referenced in Reap what you sow (50G) 
    6. Purple Tablet - You must aquire the shiny thing "Mysterious Locket" found behind a door only open at night above the arena you fought Betty in The Old Watchtowers area. Once acquired return to the Old Cemetery and head towards the area the Gravedigger was located to find a now open door. After a cutscene and fight, the tablet will be in the area.
    7. Cyan Tablet - Found by guiding the pink souls found at night in the Old Cemetery to nearby statues
    After finding all the tablets, return to the Camp of Free Crows where the door at the back will open - proceed through the area and after the cutscene the achievement will unlock.

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