A True Hero Achievement in DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

  • A True Hero



    Reach Level 20

    How to unlock A True Hero

    There are a total of 21 levels in DeathSpank: Thong of Virtue, however this achievement only requires you to reach level 20. Even playing on easy, you'll be able to reach level 20 no problem. You don't get XP for is killing level 0 opponents. Do quests, and kill every enemy in your path. The best area for XP is in the Mysterious Cave in the Snowy Mountain area in the top right of the world map. You can easily gain over two levels per go in the cave since the cave is very large. It's so large, that when you're finished with the cave, you can return back to the beginning and the enemies will have already respawned.

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  • The guide says there are 21 levels and this is true, however you will need to have 'The Snowy Mountain Dungeon' DLC installed. Without it, the level cap is 20.
  • I unlocked this when I found the "Greem Island Outhouse", the 4th island I visited once I gained access to the ship.

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