- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 13 (215 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 215 : 15-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: Konichiwa and Primp V.I.P.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitchy achievements: 2
- Unobtainable achievements: None

DeathSpank is back in an all new adventure! Thongs of Virtue is the sequel to DeathSpank and takes place almost immediately after the events of the first game. It provides the same 2D pop up story book graphics as well as the copious amounts of colors used in your surroundings that the first DeathSpank was known for. It also continues to provide the unique RPG elements with the explosive amounts of action that DeathSpank is know for getting himself into, as well as giving the player enough to laugh at with it's crude humor dialog and overall comedic feel of the game. Everything that DeathSpank brought to the table, ToV has taken it and made it better. The main changes between the two games is the modern day setting in ToV, which now has guns, planes, grenades, etc. Enough to make this sequel as explosive and exciting, yet still provide the unique and simple gameplay that the first game made us all come to know and love.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is like it's predecessor and provides a simple yet wonderful experience. Although the achievements now require a little bit more effort, they can still be achieved fairly easily. Since the game does think you've played the first DeathSpank, many of the tips you're given in the first game are not brought back in the second. However, the game can be played on Downtrodden (Easy) and there is no limit to how many times you can die, so it's not that difficult, nor is it really time consuming. Most of the achievements will be earned during the game, while only a few (if any) need to be obtained after you've beaten the game. Simply put, just play through the game, and you'll have all the achievements in no time.

There is one achievement that you MUST get before doing a certain quest, otherwise you won't be able to get it on that playthrough and will need to start a new game. The achievement is Primp V.I.P. and tips on how to unlock it at shown below. Just about everything else else can be achieved without having to worry about doing another playthrough, even the two endings achievement, since you can just reload a checkpoint.

Konichiwa is also missable if you do not speak with the Japanese judge before you start the cook-off. In some games during the fight with Wortten, she'll take the judge and eat him and if you did not speak with the judge beforehand and went straight to the orphan, the book on how to learn Japanese will not become available and you will need to do another playthrough.

My suggestion for Dispenser of Justice, A True Hero, and Mystic Transport are to complete them before you finish the last main quest. Although these are technically not missable, you cannot continue playing after you've beaten the game, aside from reloading checkpoints. Although you will get these over time, depending on what areas you skip or the difficulty you play on, you still might have a few more enemies to kill, or a couple of Outhouses left undiscovered, or you might be a level 18 or 19. Follow the tips for each of these achievements, and you'll have no problem getting them.

Avatar Awards:
There are a total of 2 awards (3 if you count the female/male version of the shirt.) To see the avatar awards, click on this link: Link

Although there are only two glitchy (not glitched) achievements: Konichiwa and Dispenser of Justice, there is a bug that not only causes you to not be able to finish the game, but also makes it so that you can't unlock Ruin Christmas, A Tale of Two Endings and Mystic Transporter. During the part at the North Pole, if you're game DOES NOT have Roodolph in the Reindeer pen, you will not be able to acquire the Reindeer Earmuffs, and therefore will not be able to get past Santa's scream. Apparently Hothead games are trying to see if they can fix this as well as the other glitches, but until then, you'll need to do another playthrough or wait until the solution is fixed.
x360a would like to thank ITD Soldierboy for this Road Map

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 215 points

  • Convince an Orque Guard you are an Orque

    This is most likely the first achievement you’ll get and it’s a fairly simple one. In order to get out of the POW camp, you'll need to find a way to get past the guards. After speaking with the three POW soldiers in the POW yard, you’ll have a bunch of quests that need to be completed. These quests are:
    Find an Item to Write With – You’ll complete this quest when you defeat the giant chicken in the Interrogation Isle and he drops a quill.
    Collect an Orque Uniform – Although there are six separate quests including this one, this is sorta like the main quest of the uniform quests. To complete this quest, you need to kill Jungle Beasts, which have the uniform items in their stomachs. Kill the whole group at the base of the jungle and you’ll have acquired the entire uniform set.
    Find an Item to Use as Ink – When you’re on your way to the latrine, you’ll be ambushed by several squid. Eventually as you make your way up, a larger squid will attack you. When you kill it, it’ll drop the ink that you’ll need to use.
    Find Paper to Write On – As you enter the latrine, you’ll see a giant latrine goo monster at the top. Kill it and it’ll drop the toilet paper you can use as paper.
    Learn the Secret Password – After you kill the Goo Monster, two orques will begin talking, you can’t miss it. They’ll say the secret password which you must remember when you are at the bridge.
    Forge Orque ID – To complete this quest, go to your inventory and combine the quill and the ink and then combine the quill with the paper.

    Once you have all this completed, go to your equipment section and equip all the orque armor in the appropriate slots. Once you’re finished, move towards the Outhouse at the top right and then next to it is the bridge. Make sure when the orque says the beginning line of the password you use the correct statement to finish it.

  • Kill the Evil Nun

    The quest you need to complete for this achievement is 'The Thong of Compassion'. The Evil Nun is found in the Sanctuary up in the north in the top right of the map just east of Strumfuquel. When you first reach the Sanctuary, you will be blocked by the Monk of Admittance. To be able to get past the Monk, you must be in critical condition (when you're in critical condition, hearts will blink on the screen, while you hear the sound of a heart beat.) After you get past the Monk, you'll walk up the stairs to see two monks arguing. Convince them to go swim otherwise during the fight with the Nun, they'll join in to defend her. Finally, speak with the monk next to the door. Make sure that he goes inside twice. After the second time, you can go in.

    Although you can get the books before all that, I chose to get them afterwards. You'll need five red books to enter the basement, one of which is in the main Sanctuary room. Another one is west of TriCore-7 with the large Leprechaun Mr. TangleFangle. Kill him to get it. Finally the last three red books you'll need are in the Le Beaux Kuckelle library. After you've acquired all the books, return to the Sanctuary and listen to the five Tourist Monks around the base of the Sanctuary. They'll tell you the story of each God and therefore, you'll be able to have the dialog options that will make the Gods not hostile with you. After you've listened to them all, go back inside the Sanctuary and go to the basement.

    The Nun is covered in five force fields. You must deactivate all of them by going to each altar. Once that is completed, go to the Nun and the statues will ask you questions. Answer them correctly and not only will they not fight you, but the Evil Nun will not have their powers. The answers to their questions are:

    Statue 1: It could take nine years and still cannot reach the perfection of your nose.
    Statue 2: I will give all that I have to the Downtrodden
    Statue 3: It would make flowers bloom and birds sing
    Statue 4: The last thing you ever lifted
    Statue 5: You are not confusing me

    If you do not listen to all of the Tourist Monks, these choices might not be available and the statue will be hostile with you for what ever choice you've chosen, so please make sure you listen to all FIVE Tourist Monks.

    The Nun is very simple to defeat. When attacking her, use your block as much as possible in order to save health. If you run low on health at any time, use a potion immediately, and if you do not have a potion, try to run around her in circles, as you eat food. Try to use a combination of attacks as that will give you your justice attack faster. Use your justice attacks when possible and the Nun will be dead in no time.

  • See all 20 of Madame Primp's Outfits

    *This achievement is missable!*

    To get this achievement you need to visit Madame Primp at the whore house in Strumfuquel. It's an easy achievement, just takes a little time and repetitiveness. You'll need at least one Dog Tag to show you are a serviceman - dog tags are located in the Jungle. If you do not see all of her costumes before you open up the chest in the room, she will become hostile and you'll have to start a new game to get it.

    Click on this link to view the list of costumes: link

  • Get an Engineering Degree

    For this achievement, you'll need to get rid of all the things blocking the train on the tracks. The tracks run from the edge of Strumfuquel all the way to the end of the desert. Even though it seems like a long way, there are only three quests that need to be completed. They are:

    • Nitro Run: Before you talk with the first conductor, make sure to clear out the tracks of all enemies. When you accept this quest, you're given "nitro" and you can't use your weapons, or get hit, otherwise the "nitro" will explode. When the track is cleared up to the first engineer, grab the 'Nitro" and run to the engineer.
    • Dynamite Shuffle: This one is a little tricky. It's a short distance, however, you'll need to use the Outhouses. When you get to the blockage, you'll notice that the engineer is on the other side of the rocks. even though you can go around with the dynamite, it would take too long and will explode. Once you have the side path already discovered, get the dynamite from the second conductor, use the outhouse to the right of the second conductor and travel to the closest Outhouse on the other side of the rock.
    • Acid Reflux: Use a Nature resist potion to carry the acid safely to the engineer.

    After you've completed all this, follow the tracks all the way down to the end of the map and you'll see an engineer that is not highlighted. Walk up to him and talk and you'll enter a cutscene with DeathSpank getting an education. After the cutscene is finished, the achievement will unlock.

  • Go Sailing in a Pirate Ship

    You'll actually get the quests for the pirate ship early off, but you won't be able to complete one of them until after you kill Wortten. The quests are fairly simple, and once you finish them, you'll be able to use the Pirate Ship to get to the North Pole and the other islands. The three quests you need to complete are:

    • Lemon - In order to prevent scurvy on the high seas, you will need some lemons. They can be found in Ima Strunken's farm. You will need to separate Strunken and his wife, since Strunken will not let you have any. Just keep selecting the first dialog option and you'll eventually lead them to get divorced. After he leaves, go back to Ima and ask her for the lemons. She'll let you have them, and after you pick them up, return them to Captain Taint.
    • Keys to the Ship - To get the keys, you'll need to kill Plaid Pete who is located in the cave west of Scurvyville. The cave does not have the cave icon on the map, but instead a skull. Once again, use the tactics you've used before on bosses and he'll be a piece of cake. His 'special ability' is to pour liquor on you and get you drunk. You'll know when you get drunk since the screen will start moving and pink monsters will appear. Kill all the monsters and you'll return to normal.
    • Rum - To get the rum, you'll need to go to the Haunted Crotch in Strumfuquel. The owner is Grimtub who will tell you that Wortten stole his liquor license. Kill Wortten using the technique in "To Serve Man" and you obtain the license. Return to Grimtub and then buy the rum.

    Once you've done these three quests, return back to Captain Taint and he'll say that you're all set. Go straight until you reach the pirate ship and the achievement will be yours.

  • Learn to Speak Japanese

    *This achievement is missable*

    To get this achievement, you'll need to rent another book in the Le Beaux Kuckelle library. The book is called Learn to Speak Japanese, however you can't get this book right away. In order for this book to become available, you'll need to reach the part where Wortten challenges you to a cook off. Speak with the Japanese judge, and you can then either go back to learn Japanese and get the achievement, or you can do it after the cook-off with Wortten. Either way, after you talked with the judge, go back to the library and the book will be there. Rent the book and a cutscene will come up showing how DeathSpank learned Japanese.

  • Kill 3000 Enemies

    This achievement will come over time as you play through the game. Anything that attacks you counts as an enemy. To see your total amount of kills so far, visit your inventory, and use the Book-o-Stats. If you somehow did not get 3000 by the time the game is over, just revisit areas since enemies respawn after a while. You might get this achievement before or after you reach 3000 kills. I've seen people on the leaderboard that have only 2500 kills and already have the achievement, while I myself didn't get the achievement until about 3100 kills. Just keep at it until it unlocks.

  • Kill Wortten

    Once you have all the necessary items to become an employee, you will then be able to enter Wortten's Office. There you will meet Wortten and be challenged to a cook off. When you go to the Japanese judge, he'll tell you what he likes. Sadly, the choices are randomized, and therefore are not always the same. If you do choose the correct options, the judge will favor you and send his ninjas to attack Wortten instead. Wortten by herself isn't much of a challenge if you use the same technique as you did with the Evil Nun. However, Wortten can regenerate health by eating the ninjas and judges. Use the combination of weapons to get your justice attack faster, which will obviously deal more damage. Keep doing this, since she'll eventually stop bothering you and just go for the ninjas. She is level 17, and can regenerate her health, so make sure you have potions available at the ready. By using your best strategies that you've used on previous bosses, it will help you with slaying Wortten.

  • Reach Level 20

    There are a total of 21 levels in DeathSpank: Thong of Virtue, however this achievement only requires you to reach level 20. Even playing on easy, you'll be able to reach level 20 no problem. You don't get XP for is killing level 0 opponents. Do quests, and kill every enemy in your path. The best area for XP is in the Mysterious Cave in the Snowy Mountain area in the top right of the world map. You can easily gain over two levels per go in the cave since the cave is very large. It's so large, that when you're finished with the cave, you can return back to the beginning and the enemies will have already respawned.

  • Discover all 44 Teleporting Outhouses

    Like the first DeathSpank, the best way to get around the map in the game is through the use of magical Outhouses. To 'discover' an Outhouse, go near the general area of the Outhouse and you'll see that it's been activated. Outhouses are large brown buildings that are mostly found on the side of roads and usually right before a difficult part of an area. They're not hard to spot and you can easily see them in the area maps. Don't be mistaken about the Outhouses inside any caves or in the POW Camp. Since they're Out-Of-Order, they don't count for this achievement. All Outhouses that you need for the achievement are out in the open world and some you will need the pirate ship to gain access, since a few of them are located on islands.

    A Map of all locations: Link

    One location is NOT on that map, but don't fret. You'll be given a mini-transporter when you finish all the thongolith quests and talk with the thongolith researcher. Using the mini-transporter will transport you to the final Outhouse.

  • Kill Santa Claus

    For this achievement, you must reach the North Pole by completing all of the Army General's quests and although you don't need to, I'd advise you to also complete Captain Taint's quests so that you can travel using the pirate ship.

    After you reach Santa, you'll talk with him for a bit until he sends you into his dungeon. Just follow the path until you reach three levers. To successfully leave the dungeon, you'll need to pull the levers in this order:

    • Lever 1
    • Lever 2
    • Lever 3
    • Lever 1
    • Lever 2
    • Lever 1

    The bridge will then stop at the exit and you can safely leave the dungeon. Once you're out of the dungeon, you'll end up in the Reindeer pen. Kill all of the reindeer, including their leader Roodolph they'll drop a set of reindeer earmuffs. Make sure to equip the earmuffs in your helmet section and return back to Santa. He's yowl will not affect you this time and will cause him to roll away in terror while calling for his Coal Monster.

    To easily defeat the Coal Monster, make sure to run up to it immediately. Doing so will make the Coal Monster not send out his coal mines. Use the same method as with all other bosses to kill him. Once he reaches around half health, he'll explode into a fiery Coal Monster with fiery Coal mines surrounding the area. Continue to use the same method as the change the monster did, didn't have an effect on anything except making it harder to move around. Make sure to have plenty of health potions in case you need them. Once the Coal Monster is killed, a cutscene of Santa being cut in half will play and your achievement will pop up.

  • Watch Both Game Endings

    After you've killed all the major bosses, collected all the thongs, and researched all the thongoliths for the researcher, you'll be able to go to the Moon and finish the game. When you reach Sandy at the top of the Secret Moon Base, you'll be given two options. To give up your thong willingly, or not. When you give it up willingly, there will be no fight. You get a cutscene and the game will be over. However, the second option isn't as easy.

    When you choose no to give up the Thong of Justice, you will have to kill Sandy. Although she doesn't regenerate health, she does have several 'abilities' at her disposal. Such as a laser beam from a UFO looking space-craft, being able to teleport, sending out more Space Marines to help fight, having asteroids fall from space, and exploding space turtles that will annoy the hell out of you. However, aside from all this, the typical block-hit-block-hit so on and so forth technique that you've most likely used for every other boss will also work with her. She is a level 20, and can definitely take a punch, so take your time, and make sure you have plenty of health potions and soon she'll be dead and you'll be one achievement richer.

DLC: The Snowy Mountain Dungeon

There are 1 achievements with a total of 15 points

  • Kill the Taking Tree

    The Taking Tree is at the very end of a long winding Mysterious Cave located in the Snowy Mountains which is in the top right of the world map. To get here, transport to the Snowy Mountain Outhouse and look at the area map. You'll see a cave directly to your right, which is the Mysterious Cave. Once you enter, you'll see a Frozen Monk which will give you the quest to kill the Taking Tree. After you fight your way to the top, you'll see the tree and notice that it's heavily defended. It's level 21, so not only powerful itself, but spawns a number of enemies continuously. Definitely make sure you have plenty of health potions here, you'll need them.

    The tree itself is somewhat easy to defeat. using the same method as all other bosses, it'll be a piece of cake. Just take your time, and when ever he does spawn out enemies, kill them as they're phasing in, it'll save you a lot of time. You do not have to turn the quest in to get the achievement, but its good for the experience if you need it.

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