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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Mutant



    Shoot 5 mutants in one game.


    Mutants are the crazy flashing enemies and there are plenty in waves 1 and 2, to net you the achievement.

  • Make it to the 2nd wave without losing any humans.


    Not that difficult just a little luck with this achievement. On the first wave run around the map and shoot any of the green enemies that are picking up your humans. If they catch a human heres a prefect chance to get the Nice catch achievement. Simply shoot the green enemy as its floating into the air and drive into your human and set him on the ground.

  • Achieve a score of 15,000 during an Xbox Live CO-OP game.


    This achievement isn’t very hard since now there are tow of you guys shooting the enemies. The bad thing is they enemies are a little tougher but not that big of a difference.

  • Win 30 Xbox Live versus games.

    Grab a friend and play 30 xbox live verses games and have him just die so you get the win. And you will get the achievement after the 30th win.

  • Rescue a human with a mid-air catch.


    See “One Wave” achievement.

  • Make it to the 3rd wave.


    See “Five Waves” achievement.

  • Obtain a personal score of 15,000

    See “Twenty-Five Grand” achievement.

  • Run!



    Survive the first 75 seconds without shooting, bombing, or teleporting.


    Easiest done on the first wave just stay high and don’t stop you can out run there bullets without a problem if you cant get it then switch it up and try sticking to the low ground.

  • During an Xbox Live Co-op game, kill 5 baiters in any level without using any smart bombs.

    Baiters are the green discs that float around really fast. They most appear on levels 3,4, and 5 so do this in co op and just make sure to keep your eyes pealed for them. They are easy to miss.

  • Make it to the 5th wave.


    To earn this achievement you must reach wave 5, It seems easy but it is no where easy I will include some tips to help.

    Wave 1: There aren’t to many enemies but keep an eye on the overhead map and it will show you where the enemies are and line up with them and shoot them.
    Wave 2: Is pretty hard there are these disc thingies and a lot of them basically for this one stay high and shoot a lot at the incoming enemies. And there will be these little glowing balls and they will be pink on your HUD.
    Wace 3: This wave is nearly impossible this is when your bombs come in use and you better hope you have a lot of them. After you kill around 10-15 enemies there will be around 20 mutants chasing you around he stage and that’s when bombs come in use.
    Wave 4: there are more than wave 3.
    Wave 5: So many more than wave 4 and by now you have no bombs and probably no life which makes the game really hard.

  • Obtain a personal score of 25,000.


    This achievement is very difficult since you will most likely get it when you reach wave 5. You have to try to survive as long as you can to most likely get maximum points and use bombs when you are around a lot of enemies to get a lot of points for taking them out. Tip: Save your bombs for the last 3 waves 3,4, and 5. So you can get a lot of points.

  • Lose no humans in the first 3 waves.


    See “One Wave” achievement.

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